Lytro Timeline

Lytro’s story was marked by several “world’s first” products in digital light field imaging. In this timeline, find out more about the company’s background and developments, from Founder Ren Ng’s dissertational research (2003 onwards) to the Lytro’s official end in 2018.

We’ve assembled the major (and some minor) landmarks of Lytro history in the following timeline. Click any entry for more information, or year numbers to open all included entries.


Ren Ng’s PhD Thesis
Refocus Imaging
Demo at Intel Developer Forum


Lytro launches out of Stealth Mode: Start of a Picture Revolution
First LightField 3D Demo
Official product launch and first demo


New Feature: Creative Mode
First LightField Cameras Ship
First Camera Accessories
Ren Ng leaves CEO position
Windows Software
Retail and International Sales
Milestone: 400,000 shared Living Pictures
New Feature: Manual Camera Controls
New Camera Models and Accessories
New Features: Perspective Shift, Living Filters
New Feature: Self Timer


iPhone App & WiFi Firmware
International Sales: Europe Launch
New Features: 3D, All in Focus
New Camera Models: Cobalt Blue and Champagne
40 Million Dollar Funding Boost, New Hardware Teased


Lytro Illum: Lytro goes Semi-Professional
Lytro Development Kit


Shift to Video and Virtual Reality
Lytro Immerge for Cinematic VR


CEO Jason Rosenthal explains Lytro’s stragety change
Lytro announces the Lytro Cinema Camera
First Lytro Immerge Demo: “Moon”


Lytro Immerge 2.0
Lytro Shuts Down Photo Sharing Service


Lytro ceases operations