Apr 23

Lytro Illum Tech Specs and Details – What You Need to Know

Lytro Illum: Professional-grade Light Field Camera (picture: Lytro) Earlier today, Lytro announced Lytro Illum, the company’s second-generation light field camera which boasts professional-grade hardware.
Set to start shipping in July 2014, the camera is priced at 1,499 USD for pre-orders.
The official product page contains mostly introductory information, so we’ve dug through the knowledgebase articles to find some more details and additional information about the camera’s hardware, features, controls, and international availability.

Here are the most pressing questions we had:

What is the Lytro Illum’s image resolution?
Lytro Illum features a 40 Megaray light field sensor (i.e. it records 40 million light rays), which results in an effective resolution of 4 Megapixels maximum. In other words, you’ll be able to view and export images in 4 Megapixel resolution.

Does Illum have interchangeable lenses?
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Mar 16

Lytro Image Manipulation: Linux Tools to insert Images into LightField Pictures

Lytro Image Manipulation: Linux Tools to insert Images into LightField Pictures (picture: ebina1)A few days ago, we reported about ebina1′s tool “Refocus”, which makes the processing of Lytro RAW images possible in Linux.
Now, ebina1 has taken his work further, and released two more programmes that, for the first time, give users the ability to do (one kind of) image editing with Lytro LightField pictures:

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Jan 13

Lytro Desktop v. 2.0: Perspective Shift Update also brought Colour Enhancements

Lytro Desktop v. 2.0: Perspective Shift Update also brought Colour Enhancements About a month ago, Lytro released version 2.0 of their Desktop Software for Mac and Windows.
The update included not only the new Perspective Shift and Living Filters features, but was also the first version to officially support Windows 8 64-bit. Another new aspect of the software, to be comprehensive, is the possibility to change the Lytro Library location from within the software interface.

Among the usual “Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements to performance and stability”, however, we found another quite strong improvement: It looks like the latest Lytro Desktop version makes up for some pale, washed-out colours, and greatly enhances color representation in (at least some) pictures.
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Jan 03

Perspective Shift Feature breaks lfpsplitter [Lytro]

Perspective Shift feature breaks lfpsplitter (Picture: Lytro Raw camera extract by Nirmal Patel) Those of you who are using lfpsplitter to extract data and image stacks from LightField files have no doubt already noticed this, but we thought we’d bring it out to the open:
With the introduction of the new Perspective Shift feature last December, Lytro has made some changes to the structure of -stk.lfp files which effectively break lfpsplitter’s functionality.

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Nov 16

Lytro’s new Living Filters explained

Lytro's new Living Filters explained The biggest news of the day was clearly the impending release of Lytro’s new Perspective Shift feature, but the company has something more in store for us: 9 Living Filters that interactively change the picture depending on your refocus position and perspective.
The new feature marks the first possibility of post processing Living Pictures, and a new way to channel our creativity.

These filters, described (and shown) in more detail after the break, will be available within the Lytro Desktop Software on December 4.

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