Jun 08

Lytro Illum: Review after Three Weeks of Testing

Lytro Illum: Review after Three Weeks of TestingIt looks sexy, but does it hold true to its promises? We tested the Lytro Illum light field camera for three weeks, and would like to give you a better idea of the camera and its features with this review.


Lytro Illum is the name of the second light field camera released by Lytro – and with that, the second consumer light field camera in the world. Compared to the first generation, which is sometimes referred to as a “proof of concept”, Lytro has upped its game to a camera targeted to “creative pioneers”: Its big 30-250 mm lens with constant f/2.0 aperture, the 40 megaray sensor and the integrated Snapdragon processor, the SD-card slot and the SLR-like appearance all indicate that the target audience is no longer just technology enthusiasts, but also semi-professional photographers. However, all that comes at a price, which is currently 1.299 US-Dollars or 1.299 Euro.


The Illum is unique, and that’s obvious even when just looking at the box: Remove the mantlepiece and you’ll see a black cardboard-cube which unfolds to reveal the light field camera. Continue reading

Sep 26

Fraunhofer DCA Presents Light-Field Plugin for Avid Media Composer

Light field technology produces a completely new, and fundamentally richer, set of data. With all of the advantages of this technology, the obvious downside is that there isn’t yet much software out there to process this data.
Now, the Fraunhofer Digital Cinema Alliance has presented a light-field plug-in for the popular video post processing application Avid Media Composer.

Fraunhofer DCA Presents Light-Field Plugin for Avid Media Composer (picture: Fraunhofer IIS)

Fraunhofer DCA Presents Light-Field Plugin for Avid Media Composer (picture: Fraunhofer IIS) According to their press release, the software plugin is able to create high-resolution depth maps, change focus, move perspective or add 3D effects and camera movement. The output can then be used to generate footage for 2D, 3D or multi-view displays — and all of that by using existing video software. A licensing model is available for professional users interested in working with light-field video.

Full press release after the break:
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Aug 03

Lytro Illum Sample Raw Files and Lytro Desktop Feature Examples

Folder contents of an "Editable Living Picture", exported from Illum sample Raw file using Lytro Desktop 4.0 Looking for a RAW light field file recorded by the Lytro Illum? We’ve got you covered!

Mike Miller, proud owner of the Lytro Illum “First Edition” Number 14, has kindly supplied us with some Raw light field files from Lytro’s new flagship product. Mike has also posted a detailed Lytro Illum unboxing report on his blog, so be sure to check that out!
The raw files are about 50 MB each (download link below) and allow you to test the features of Lytro Desktop 4.0, or have a closer look at the file format if that’s your thing. Continue reading

Aug 02

Lytro Quietly Releases Lytro Desktop 4.0 for the Illum

Without any special announcement, Lytro has quietly updated the Desktop Software download links to the new 4.0.0 version that comes with the Lytro Illum.
The new major release, which is compatible with both the Illum and the first-generation Lytro camera, adds new features including image adjustments, animations, instant presentations, and third-party image editing (hello, Photoshop!). Living Filters have not made the cut for version 4.0.0, but are planned to be re-activated in a later version.

Lytro Quietly Releases Lytro Desktop 4.0 for the Illum (screenshot: Lytro) Lytro Quietly Releases Lytro Desktop 4.0 for the Illum (screenshot: Lytro)

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Apr 23

Lytro Illum Tech Specs and Details – What You Need to Know

Lytro Illum: Professional-grade Light Field Camera (picture: Lytro) Earlier today, Lytro announced Lytro Illum, the company’s second-generation light field camera which boasts professional-grade hardware.
Set to start shipping in July 2014, the camera is priced at 1,499 USD for pre-orders.
The official product page contains mostly introductory information, so we’ve dug through the knowledgebase articles to find some more details and additional information about the camera’s hardware, features, controls, and international availability.

Here are the most pressing questions we had:

What is the Lytro Illum’s image resolution?
Lytro Illum features a 40 Megaray light field sensor (i.e. it records 40 million light rays), which results in an effective resolution of 4 Megapixels maximum. In other words, you’ll be able to view and export images in 4 Megapixel resolution.

Does Illum have interchangeable lenses?
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