May 11

Lytro Comments on Android App Requests

Lytro Mobile: iPhone App for WiFi Transfer from Camera, On-The-Go Sharing and more It recently caught our eye that there’s no Lytro Android app planned for 2014.
Shortly after our article went live, Lytro’s new product manager for “web and mobile”, Giovanna Baldassare, replied to the feature requests forum, saying that (1) Android is important, (2) her mission is to figure out how to release Lytro Mobile for Android as soon as possible, and (3) she’ll keep the community posted about developments.

Of course, we’ll be covering any Android news on the Light Field Forum as they happen.

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May 02

Hands-On Video: Lytro Illum and new Lytro Mobile iPad App

In the following two videos, Lytro founder Ren Ng gives us a first hands-on look at the company’s new flagship camera, the Lytro Illum.
He also shows off the features of the new iPad app that will be released together with the Illum in July 2014, and offer “tap to refocus”, Perspective Shift, and even adjust the depth of field, in Living Pictures.

Lytro Illum Camera | Hands On (TechCrunch)

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Apr 20

Lens Blur: Google Camera App for Android gets Refocus and Adjustable Depth of Field

Lens Blur: Google Camera App for Android gets Refocus and Adjustable Depth of Field (picture: Android Police) Light field technology is gaining momentum in the mainstream, but we have yet to see the first smartphone featuring a Pelican Array Camera, Tesseract/Focii module, or something similar.
Meanwhile, more and more developers are using advanced software in conjunction with traditional camera modules to recreate one of the most popular features of the light field: software refocus.

The latest addition to the growing list of companies/developers recreating the refocus effect on mobile devices is none other than the mother of Android: Google. Introducing “Lens Blur”, the company has included their own version of software refocus into its all-new Google Camera app (free). Continue reading

Apr 15

Lytro: No Android App in 2014, “Deep” into New Flagship Product

Lytro Mobile: iPhone App for WiFi Transfer from Camera, On-The-Go Sharing and more About 10 months ago, Lytro introduced an iOS companion app called “Lytro Mobile” and, at the same time, released a firmware update activating the camera’s internal WiFi chip.
The app makes it possible for iPhone, iPod and iPad users to connect wirelessly to the camera, download and preview Living Pictures, upload them to the “Mobile” album on, and even create nice little GIF-animations demonstrating refocus and Perspective Shift. With newer versions of the app came additional features like Living Filters, AirPlay support and 3D export.
Meanwhile, the Android community has been waiting for the release of an Android app.

Slumbering in the “Feature Requests” section of Lytro’s customer support, there’s a request for an Android app, which has had the official status “Planned” for a while now. Revisiting this discussion, we found some recent responses by Lytro staff, which don’t sound to promising for Android users: Continue reading

Mar 15

App Updates: Nokia Refocus for All Lumia Phones, Lytro Mobile Bugfixes

Two quick notes regarding software updates for mobile apps:

Nokia Refocus App: Now Available to all PureView Lumia Devices running Amber Nokia’s Refocus App for Windows Phone 8 has just been released for all Lumia Smartphones, including those that don’t feature PureView cameras. The current app version also promises better focus.
Lumia users can get the app for free in the Apps+Games Store.

Lytro Mobile App Lytro has released a small update to their Lytro Mobile App (version 1.2.2), which brings “bug fixes and performance improvements”, especially “fixed support for HTTP 1.1 Content-Length: chunked”. Lytro Mobile is available for free in the iOS App Store:

Lytro (AppStore Link) Lytro (Free)
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