Lytro Archive

Lytro Archive (background drawing: Steven Shainwald)

Lytro ceased operations in early 2018. With the company’s demise, a lot of information about Lytro products was lost.
In an effort to help remaining Lytro users and fans make the most of their cameras, we’ve collected download links, support articles and more, in this archive.

Archive contents:

Official Product Information

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Lytro Camera and Software Support

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Lytro Downloads

You can find Lytro Desktop Software (Mac and Windows), camera firmware for first generation cameras and the Lytro Illum, the open source parts of the Lytro Illum software, and Lytro Power Tools over at Lytro Meltdown.
A copy of the latest software versions is also available here:

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Lytro Press Releases

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Lytro Academic Papers

Academic publications (co-)authored by researchers involved with Lytro:
(Note: This list was presented on the Lytro website, and is not maintained!)