May 19

Video: Raytrix demonstrates R29 LightField Features

With their newest Youtube-Upload, German LightField specialist Raytrix demos the LightField features of their R29 camera.

The HD video includes original footage recorded with the high-end camera (resized from 3288 x 2192 = 7.2 megapixels; and 100 % crops), and demonstrates the reconstruction of 3D information – even at a subject-to-lens distance of 400 meters – as well as software refocus and extended depth of field.
Video frame rate for full-resolution imaging is 5 frames per second.

Screenshot: 3D reconstruction at long distances, using a Raytrix R29 LightField camera.

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Feb 23

Video: Introducing the Stanford LightField Microscope

The following video, brought to our attention by reader Alejandro, shows how LightField technology can significantly augment traditional microscopy:

The advantages are numerous, and represent the “ordinary” LightField Features but applied to microscopy: Instead of just a single “head-on” orthographic view, a plenoptic microscope setup allows for software refocus, increased depth of field, focal stacks, oblique orthographic views and perspective, 3D reconstruction and volume rendering.

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Jan 09

Software Hack: Interactive Picture Refocus for ordinary Digital Cameras

Software Hack: Picture Refocus for ordinary Digital Cameras So you like the interactive Refocus feature of Lytro’s LightField Camera, but not its 400+ $ pricetag?
There’s a way to achieve the same effect using an ordinary DSLR or Compact System Camera (interchangeable lens camera), and in this post, we’ll tell you how to do it!

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Jan 02

Toshiba announces tiny LightField camera module for Smartphones and Tablets

Toshiba announces tiny LightField camera module for Smartphones and Tablets, Ready by End of 2013 (photo: Takashi Kamiguri) LightField tech is slowly conquering new fields of photography: Less than a year ago, Lytro shipped the world’s first consumer LightField Camera, which represents the miniaturization of an entire room full of cameras, the Stanford Multi-Camera Array.
Just before the end of the year, Toshiba announced a camera module that is again a miniaturization of the Lytro LightField Camera: The tech giant has packed a microlense array of 500,000 lenses (30 µm diameter each) into a camera module that measures just 1 x 1 cm, which makes it potentially suitable for inclusion in Smartphones and other mobile technology.

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Nov 08

Lytro Specifications: A Deeper Look Inside

Are you really interested in the details of Lytro’s LightField Camera? Is the official information not enough for you?
Lytro Specifications: A deeper Look Inside (Illustration: NY Times) Here are some interesting bits & pieces of information about Lytro’s LightField Camera that have accumulated in my virtual notebook over the last few months.
All of these details were mentioned on the web and/or in public presentations (sources are given at the end of the article), but they’re not quite as publically available as the standard information. One of these presentations was a technical introduction to plenoptic imaging by Lytro CTO Kurt Akeley at the University of Washington, titled “A different perspective on the Lytro light field camera”.

How many microlenses are in a Lytro camera?
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