Jul 31

Lytro Illum Starts Shipping [In-Depth Reviews, Pictures]

The new Lytro Illum Light Field Camera (photo: The Verge) More than three months ago, Lytro announced the next generation in consumer light field camera: the Lytro Illum.
Today, after a long and hard period of waiting, the camera finally starts shipping to those quick customers that put in the first pre-orders back in April.

The release of the camera goes hand-in-hand with the first in-depth reviews, which are already coming in, but not all of the reviewers are happy with Lytro’s new flagship product.

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Jul 03

Lytro Camera: an Extensive Review after 15 Months of Light Field Photography

Lytro’s Light Field Camera is on its way to Germany, which basically marks the beginning of European distribution and, finally, a more direct way to get your hands on the camera within the European Union.
Being one of the first Lytro users in Europe (my camera was shipped with the second batch in April 2012), I’d like to celebrate the occasion with an extensive review after 15 months with the Lytro camera.

Lytro Light Field Camera (photo: Lytro.com)

Technical Details

If you’ve never come across the term “light field” before, i’d like to point you to our page What is the Light Field?. In short, the camera doesn’t just record the position of light ras on the sensor, but also the direction of said light rays. This enables exciting new possibilities in conjunction with sophisticated image processing, including software refocus (being able to change the focus after taking your picture), perspective shift and 3D.
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Apr 01

Lytro Accessory Review: Nimbus Cloud Dome for Lytro LightField Camera

Lytro Accessory Review: Nimbus Cloud Dome for Lytro LightField Camera When you’re taking pictures with any camera, hard shadows from direct light aren’t always desirable. In some cases, such as product photography, they can be very detrimental to the cause – and this is exactly where the newest third-party accessory for the Lytro LightField Camera comes in: The Nimbus Cloud Dome for Lytro Camera.

The original Nimbus Cloud Dome (funded via Kickstarter) is a portable miniature photography studio. It creates evenly diffused lighting situations without harsh shadows or strong specular highlights, which makes it an ideal tool for small product photography, especially for jewelry and other reflective surfaces.
Viewpoint Laboratories, LLC (think Lytro filter adapter) and Cloud Dome Inc. have partnered up to create a version specifically designed for the world’s first consumer LightField camera.

We’ve taken a close look at the Cloud Dome over the past week, and have put our experiences into the following review. Continue reading

Mar 31

Lytro Camera: A German Review after 11 Months of Use

Axel Schuch: German Lytro-Review after 11 Months of Use About a month ago, Lytro’s LightField Camera celebrated its first birthday. On this occasion, Axel Schuch from Germany – one of the very first Lytro users out there – has put together a report of his experiences after 11 months of creative private and professional use. Axel takes a look at Lytro’s first steps and then continues to talk about his own projects, including the augmentation with various accessories and an exhibition with 70-inch touchscreens.

Lytro Kamera Erfahrungsbericht – Echt Scharf… diese Unschärfe

The article is available only in German, but a rough machine translation conveys most of his experiences to English-speaking readers.

Jan 21

Review: Viewpoint Laboratories’ 37 mm Filter Adapter for the Lytro LightField Camera

Lytro LightField camera with attached Viewpoint Laboratories filter adapter and +10 macro converter lens. If only this picture was refocusable! Last month, Viewpoint Laboratories launched what we believe is the first third-party accessory specifically designed for Lytro’s LightField Camera: a 37 mm filter adapter that is attached to the camera via high-strength neodymium magnets.

Viewpoint Laboratories was kind enough to provide us with a test sample, and we examined and tested it on several occasions over the last week.

Does the adapter keep its promises? Should you get one? Find out in our in-depth review, coming up right after the break! Continue reading