Raytrix Timeline

Raytrix Logo
Raytrix Logo

Our research and information about German LightField specialist Raytrix is still somewhat limited. However, we are planning to add to this page all the information we can find about the company history .

To find out more about Raytrix, just explore the following timeline. Click any entry for more information, or year numbers to open all included entries.


Foundation of Raytrix


3D Focus Technology
High-Tech Award 2009


R11: World’s First Commercial LightField Camera
R5: “Entry-Level” Plenoptic Camera


R29: High Resolution Lightfield Camera
Raytrix and Dantec Dynamics present Single-Camera Particle Tracking


Light Field Sensor with Increased Resolution
Raytrix Android-App
Raytrix promises Full-HD Light Field Video by End of 2012
Light Field Time Lapse Demonstration
Live 3D Light Field Video Demonstration


R5µ – Lightfield 3D Microscopy


Special exhibition in Deutsches Museum
Software: LightFieldViewer for Windows
Raytrix receives “Programme for the Future” Funding

Last Update: August 2014