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Lytro Archive (background drawing: Steven Shainwald) 2

Introducing the Lytro Archive

Back in March of this year, closed their doors and ceased operations, and the company’s website went offline. With their online presence, a lot of first-hand information about Lytro’s many “world’s first” products was...

Lytro Illum: New Lytro TTL Flash and Firmware v1.1.1 (picture: Lytro) 0

Lytro Illum: New Lytro TTL Flash and Firmware v1.1.1

recently introduced a camera accessory for their second generation light field camera, the Lytro Illum: the Viltrox JY680L TTL Flash for Lytro Illum, dubbed “Lytro TTL Flash”, fully supports the Illum’s TTL system and...

Lytro: Creative Mode Menu 10

Lytro Firmware Upgrade: New Creative Mode, More Zoom

With their newest camera (v1.1.2), Lytro has implemented a number of interesting changes to their first-generation LightField camera. Most notably, has been revamped and is now used completely differently: In all previous official firmware...