Aug 09

Lytro Meltdown: Updates to Lytro Compatible Viewer, Communicator, and Library

Lytro Meltdown: Updates to Lytro Compatible Viewer, Communicator, and Library Jan Kučera has recently released a suite of software updates for his Lytro Meltdown tools, the Lytro Compatible Viewer (updated to version, the Lytro Compatible Communicator (new version:, and the Lytro Compatible Library (new version:

Updates include a 3D mesh view from depth maps for the Viewer, improved demosaicing, and user manuals. The library has received accessors for well-known components in light field packages, dedicated classes and methods for easier access to sub-aperture and individual microlens images.

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Mar 17

Lytro Compatible Communicator: Wireless Shutter Release and File Access for your Lytro Camera

Lytro Compatible Communicator: Basic Information (screenshot: Jan Kučera) Remember Jan Kučera’s Lytro Meltdown with LFP File Viewer and Windows Shell Integration?
The author has just released a new piece of software called “The Communicator”, which allows you to connect to your Lytro Camera’s WiFi and

  • Read out basic hardware information, battery status, camera time and more.
  • Wirelessly view and download pictures currently stored on the camera.
  • Monitor internal camera activities.
  • Download other files from the camera’s internal storage.
  • Send raw commands to the camera. (only try this if you know what you are doing!)
  • Remotely “press” the shutter button and take a picture via WiFi.

Before you continue, please be advised that using third-party software to communicate with your Lytro camera voids your warranty and is potentially dangerous! Continue reading

Oct 08

Lytro Meltdown: LFP File Viewer, Windows Shell Integration and more

Lytro Compatible Viewer: Software refocus with processed image stack Are you still looking for an easy way to explore those Lytro LFP-files outside of Lytro Desktop? Jan Kučera from Charles University Prague has taken a closer look at the Lytro camera, and published his findings on a small website titled LYTRO meltdown.

Tech-minded fans will find some very detailled information on the camera hardware and structure of basic files associated with the camera and software. For example, did you ever wonder what the “backup” really does, when you connect your camera to the computer for the first time?
The homemade software library (LightFieldLibrary.dll) available at the website works with Lytro’s light field files, and allows programmers to integrate Lytro compatibility into their own software.

There’s also something waiting for the less tech-savvy Lytro fans: Jan’s very own Lytro Compatible Viewer, which enables you to easily open raw and processed lfp files: Continue reading

May 31

Light Field Toolbox: Version 0.2 adds Camera Calibration, Multiple Camera Support and more

Light Field Toolbox: Version 0.2 adds Camera Calibration, Multiple Camera Support and more Light Field Toolbox, Donald Dansereau’s set of tools for light field image processing in Matlab, is now available in version 0.2. New features include camera calibration, image rectification, and convenience functions for managing multiple light fields and multiple cameras.

  Light Field Toolbox v0.2 (1.9 MiB, 409 hits)

Official changelog:

- Calibration of lenselet cameras from checkerboard images
- LFUtilDecodeLytroFolder: decoding, colour correction and rectification
- Management of multiple cameras, white images and calibrations
- Organized code into a folder structure, see LFMatlabPathSetup
- Organized light fields / cameras into a folder structure
- Code and usability improvements throughout

Because some functions have been replaced and parameters have been renamed, code written with v0.1 may require modification to work with v0.2.

Along with the update, there’s a new light field sample pack which introduces a folder structure optimized for use with multiple cameras, and a small sample calibration dataset. Continue reading

Apr 30

LightField Toolbox: Lytro Image Processing in Matlab

LightField Toolbox: Lytro Image Processing in Matlab Processing Lytro LightField Pictures is generally done within the free, official Lytro Desktop Software. If you want more control over your LightField results, though, there are a few tools available to do just that. (Note that the Desktop Software is still needed to transfer the pictures from the camera.)

The newest addition to the list of openly available LightField tools is LightField Toolbox v0.1 for Matlab, by Donald G. Dansereau.
It its initial release, it is limited to basic features such as loading, decoding, colour correction and visualization (including a basic perspective shift effect) of Lytro light field images. But there’s more to come!

This version of the toolbox and documentation are focused on Lytro imagery. Adapting this to other cameras should be straightforward. Future releases will support additional input formats, camera calibration, image rectification, and depth and volumetric filtering for improved rendering quality.

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