Aug 06

Interview: Ren Ng and the Multi-Dimensional Raw

Interview: Ren Ng and the Multi-Dimensional Raw (photo: In a recent interview with Lytro founder Ren Ng, German technology news website Heise Online discussed the Lytro Illum‘s special lens design, interchangeable lenses, light field photography as the “new multidimensional Raw”, and Ng’s estimate of when light field photography will replace conventional cameras.

The article is in German, but if you don’t speak the language you can still check out the Google Translate version here:
Interview with Lytro founder Ren Ng: “The multidimensional Raw”

May 02

Hands-On Video: Lytro Illum and new Lytro Mobile iPad App

In the following two videos, Lytro founder Ren Ng gives us a first hands-on look at the company’s new flagship camera, the Lytro Illum.
He also shows off the features of the new iPad app that will be released together with the Illum in July 2014, and offer “tap to refocus”, Perspective Shift, and even adjust the depth of field, in Living Pictures.

Lytro Illum Camera | Hands On (TechCrunch)

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Apr 30

6 Things You Didn’t Know About the Lytro Illum

Lytro Illum runs on a customized version of Android (picture: Mockup) It was not easy to miss last week’s announcement of Lytro’s second-generation light field camera, especially for technology enthusiasts. Yet, despite all the media coverage, there are some very interesting details to the Lytro Illum that you likely haven’t heard yet.

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Nov 26

Apple patents Light Field Hybrid Camera that can switch between Traditional and Plenoptic Imaging

Apple patents Light Field Hybrid Camera that can switch between Traditional and Plenoptic Imaging Smartphone makers around the world are racing release the world’s first light field enabled smartphone. According to some reports, manufacturers such as Apple, HTC, Nokia, and also the MIT are working on further miniaturizing the technology to fit into mobile devices. Meanwhile, companies like Pelican and Toshiba are finalizing their camera designs for third-party licensing.

Now, The US Patent and Trademark has granted Apple a new patent describing a “digital camera including refocusable imaging mode adaptor”, and it comes with an interesting addition to the existing light field solutions by Lytro or Raytrix. Continue reading

Apr 15

Jason Rosenthal is Lytro’s new CEO

Jason Rosenthal is Lytro's new CEO (photo: josha, Lytro) Back in July of last year, Lytro founder Ren Ng announced he would step down as CEO of the company, and get back to innovation, technology and strategic direction in the position of Executive Chairman. Until Lytro could find a new Chief Executive Officer, former EC Charles Chi kept the spot warm as an interim CEO.

In an interview, Chi said that Lytro wasn’t looking for a lead engineer or a head marketer, as it feels it is well-stocked in both regards.

“What we are looking for is somebody who has some experience in developing transformational businesses,” he told AllThingsD. “That’s what Lytro is in the midst of — getting a new idea adopted across a mature marketplace.”

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