Apr 17

Apple buys Array-Camera Maker LinX for DSLR-Quality and Light Field Imaging

Apple buys Array-Camera Maker Linx for DSLR-Quality and Light Field Imaging Apple is known to have been interested in light field technology since before Lytro released their first-generation light field camera, as Ren Ng was reportedly invited by Steve Jobs himself to discuss the technology’s potential. The company has even patented some of their own inventions in the field.
Now, it seems that the tech giant has made its next move towards light field photography: Apple has acquired Israeli camera module maker LinX, which specializes in thin camera arrays similar to Pelican Imaging’s PiCam.
LinX promises powerful camera modules with advanced image quality (“leading the way to DSLR performance in slim handsets”), but also additional information such as scene depth through its “multi-aperture” modules (read: array cameras and possibly light field technology).

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Jul 25

Pelican Launches 3D Image Viewer, Presents First Interactive Sample Images

It’s gotten a bit quiet around Pelican Imaging, lately. Until today, when the mobile plenoptics specialists have broken the silence and announced their own version of a WebGL light field viewer.

“What do photos with depth look like?”, the company teased in their newsletter. To answer that question, the company has published a small sample image gallery based on the new “Pelican 3D Image Viewer”, which allows users to check out and interact with 8 sample images taken with the Pelican Array Camera.

Pelican Launches 3D Image Viewer, Presents First Interactive Sample Images

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May 10

Are Canon Powershot and Eos/Rebel Cameras Getting Depth of Field Control Soon?

Are Canon Powershot and Eos/Rebel Cameras Getting Depth of Field Control Soon? (picture via: Cameraegg) As much potential as light field technology has, Lytro is – until now – the only company actually going that way with consumer cameras.
Now, according to Canon Rumors, Canon may be one of the first “big” camera makers working on integrating light field features into DSLR and Point-and-Shoot cameras:

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Apr 05

Pelican Imaging: CEO explains the Power of Light Field Imaging [Video]

Pelican Imaging has recently released a short video where CEO Chris Pickett explains what’s so interesting about light field photography:

In the 2-minute clip, Pickett explains how Pelican’s Array Camera works, and shows its most exciting features: software refocus, multiple focus (focus on several depths in one image), segmentation (automatic depth-based object extraction). Continue reading

Apr 01

HTC One M8: the World’s First Dual Camera Smartphone with Dedicated Depth Sensor?

HTC One M8: the World's First Dual Camera Smartphone? (picture: HTC) Last week, HTC unveiled the much anticipated, new HTC One M8, which immediately started selling in the UK, and will roll out across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, on April 4.

As rumoured, the new Android smartphone features a dual camera system (dubbed “Duo Camera”), where the additional camera is a dedicated depth sensor. To our knowledge, it’s the first time this technology has made it into a commercially available smartphone. The recorded depth information is used to bring a range of new camera features to HTC’s new flagship smartphone:

  • UFocus: Tap to refocus
  • Foregrounder: Apply filters (Pencil Sketch, Zoom Blur, Cartoon, Black&White) to the background.
  • Dimension Plus: Tilt your phone to change the perspective/distortion
  • Seasons: Add foreground-background-aware animations (falling rose petals, floating dandelion seeds, maple leaves, or snow)

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