Nvidia Near-Eye Light Field Display

Nvidia’s Near-Eye Light Field Display prototype was introduced to the world during SIGGRAPH 2013 in July 2013.
Like today’s light field cameras, the display uses a microlens array to split an image into individual light rays. Using adequate encoding of the image shown, the display can create a light field directly in front of the viewer’s eyes, who can then focus on the various depths of a scene.

Refocus your Eyes: Nvidia presents Near-Eye Light Field Display Prototype (picture: Lanman & Luebke 2013)

Technical details1:
Display: 2 Sony ECX332A OLED micro-displays
Display size: 15.36 x 8.64 mm
Display resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels (24-bit colour, 2100 ppi)
Effective resolution: 146 x 78 pixels
Field of View: up to 70° (29° x 16° in the demo)

Introduction to the technology:

Live demonstration at SIGGRAPH 2013:

More information:

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