Raytrix R5 High-Speed Video LightField Camera

General Info

Raytrx R5 High-Speed LightField Video Camera (photo: Raytrix GmbH)Camera Type: Mountable LightField Camera
Image sensor: 12.7 mm 4.2 MP CMOS/CMOSIS

Dimensions: 29 x 29 x 41 mm (1.14 x 1.14 x 1.61 in) to 44 x 44 x 25.4 mm (1.73 x 1.73 x 1.00 in), depending on model
Weight: 30-55 g (1.1-1.9 oz), depending on model
Power supply: external 12-24 Volt DC, Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Application areas: Fluid flow (3D Particle tracking, PIV), Light Field R&D, machine vision, endoscopy, microscopy, visual quality inspection, life science, face recognition, …

Models: Single/Dual Gigabit Ethernet, CameraLink, USB 3.0 superspeed; each with either color-, mono- or near-infrared imaging
Pricing: upon request

Raytrx R5 High-Speed LightField Video Camera (photo: Raytrix GmbH) Raytrx R5 High-Speed LightField Video Camera (photo: Raytrix GmbH)Raytrix R5 f/5.66 LightField Camera with telecentric lens (photo: Raytrix GmbH)

Camera Specs

Lens: f/2.4, f/5.66, f/26 (for microscopy) lens, or full customization
Color Modes: color, mono, near-infrared (depending on model)
Storage: no internal storage
Shutter: global shutter
Exposure Times: 34 µs – 3,404 ms

LightField Resolution: 4.2 Megarays (number of light rays captured by the light field sensor), 5.5 µm square pixel size
Effective Resolution: up to 1 megapixel

Depth of Field: up to 6 times of standard cameras, software refocus
3D depth resolution: up to 200 discrete depth layers
Video frame rate: 25 fps (GigE), 56 fps (Dual-GigE), 180 fps (CameraLink), 30-90 fps (USB 3.0)
Controls: automatic or manual exposure, white balance, gain
Exposure control: automatic or manual
White balance: automatic or manual

Lens mount: C-Mount
Interface: Single/Dual Gigabit Ethernet, CameraLink, USB 3.0 superspeed (depending on model)

Software and such

Software: live camera software with demo-versions of all available features (software refocus, multiview perspectives, stereoscopy, 3D depth estimation).
Raytrix API/SDK interface for Microsoft Windows.
Software requirements: Windows 7, CUDA with OpenGL 4.0 and Compute Capability 2.0.
Hardware GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX-Titan with 6GB GPU memory (or higher).
File Format: ?
Export: up to 1 megapixel

More information: raytrix.de (pdf, pdf, pdf)

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