Apr 05

Lytro Firmware Upgrade: New Creative Mode, More Zoom

Lytro: Creative Mode Menu With their newest camera firmware (v1.1.2), Lytro has implemented a number of interesting changes to their first-generation LightField camera.

Most notably, Creative Mode has been revamped and is now used completely differently:
In all previous official firmware versions, the refocus position was set by tapping on an object in the middle of the desired range. Refocus range was then largely influenced by the current zoom position.

Now, Creative Mode was simplified, in that users just tap on what’s most important in the scene, and the camera “takes the current zoom position, focus position, and relative distances into account” when establishing the refocus range automatically. Continue reading

Jan 21

Review: Viewpoint Laboratories’ 37 mm Filter Adapter for the Lytro LightField Camera

Lytro LightField camera with attached Viewpoint Laboratories filter adapter and +10 macro converter lens. If only this picture was refocusable! Last month, Viewpoint Laboratories launched what we believe is the first third-party accessory specifically designed for Lytro’s LightField Camera: a 37 mm filter adapter that is attached to the camera via high-strength neodymium magnets.

Viewpoint Laboratories was kind enough to provide us with a test sample, and we examined and tested it on several occasions over the last week.

Does the adapter keep its promises? Should you get one? Find out in our in-depth review, coming up right after the break! Continue reading

Nov 24

CNET: Five Things you may not know about the Lytro LightField Camera

After the recent sales start in Singapore and Hong Kong, CNET Asia has picked up that LightField Camera again, and collected 5 facts that people may not know about it. If you’re new to the concept of the LightField Camera, the article provides a compact general introduction to Lytro’s product.

The Lytro LightField Camera Family

Author Shawn Low covers the aspects of selective focus (software refocus), fast shutter speeds (manual mode), extreme close-ups in Creative Mode, using the in-built ND filter (manual mode), and the interactive aspects of software compatibility (and lack of Windows 32-bit software) and social media support.

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Nov 08

Lytro Specifications: A Deeper Look Inside

Are you really interested in the details of Lytro’s LightField Camera? Is the official information not enough for you?
Lytro Specifications: A deeper Look Inside (Illustration: NY Times) Here are some interesting bits & pieces of information about Lytro’s LightField Camera that have accumulated in my virtual notebook over the last few months.
All of these details were mentioned on the web and/or in public presentations (sources are given at the end of the article), but they’re not quite as publically available as the standard information. One of these presentations was a technical introduction to plenoptic imaging by Lytro CTO Kurt Akeley at the University of Washington, titled “A different perspective on the Lytro light field camera”.

How many microlenses are in a Lytro camera?
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