CNET: Five Things you may not know about the Lytro LightField Camera

After the recent sales start in Singapore and Hong Kong, CNET Asia has picked up that LightField Camera again, and collected 5 facts that people may not know about it. If you’re new to the concept of the LightField Camera, the article provides a compact general introduction to Lytro’s product.

The Lytro LightField Camera Family

Author Shawn Low covers the aspects of selective focus (software refocus), fast shutter speeds (manual mode), extreme close-ups in Creative Mode, using the in-built ND filter (manual mode), and the interactive aspects of software compatibility (and lack of Windows 32-bit software) and social media support.

The conclusion provides you wih the good, short essence about the Lytro Camera:

In terms of image quality the Lytro is very similar to entry-level smartphone cameras. It provides good exposures in adequate light, but images tend to quite grainy in low-light conditions.
Overall, while we think the Lytro’s concept of “shoot first and focus later” is very cool, there are a number of limitations that you should be aware of before plonking down S$648 for one.

Read the entire article here: Five things you may not know about the Lytro

Note: Don’t be put off by that mistake in the “Selective Focus” portion of the text, though: You don’t have to be in Creative Mode to select the initial focus position. Just set it in your Desktop Software before upload.

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