Apr 28

Lytro Announces First International LightField Photo Contest

Fission - Living Picture by CNF Here’s a little tidbit for Lytro users around the world: Lytro is looking for the best LightField pictures in the world, and will give away a total prize money of 1,500 USD to find them.

Earlier this week, Lytro has announced their first ever international LightField photography contest. In contrast to previous contests and raffles, where only US residents were allowed to participate, the new photo contest is open to anyone aged 18 or older. Continue reading

Nov 24

CNET: Five Things you may not know about the Lytro LightField Camera

After the recent sales start in Singapore and Hong Kong, CNET Asia has picked up that LightField Camera again, and collected 5 facts that people may not know about it. If you’re new to the concept of the LightField Camera, the article provides a compact general introduction to Lytro’s product.

The Lytro LightField Camera Family

Author Shawn Low covers the aspects of selective focus (software refocus), fast shutter speeds (manual mode), extreme close-ups in Creative Mode, using the in-built ND filter (manual mode), and the interactive aspects of software compatibility (and lack of Windows 32-bit software) and social media support.

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Oct 28

Lytro Camera Accessories: LED Artificial Lighting for your LightField Camera

Lytro Camera Accessories: LED Artificial Lighting for your LightField Camera (photo: Axel Schuch) One of the limitations of Lytro’s LightField Camera is the fact that it has no internal flash or light to help in low light situations.
The new manual controls are a way to overcome some of these situations. Nevertheless, despite the value of ambient light, natural lighting and shadows, sometimes the available light is just not enough.

If you have some free time, you can easily make your own LED ring light for about 10 $.

For those who want something more professional, we present two (almost) off-the-shelf solutions for artificial Lytro lighting: Continue reading

Oct 16

Lytro Manual Controls: 20 great LightField Pictures taken in Manual Mode

Lytro’s LightField Camera recently gained manual controls for shutter speed, ISO light sensitivity, ND filter and exposure correction (AE lock; details here). After a stroll through some living picture albums, we’ve compiled some excellent examples of LightField pictures taken with manual controls.
Have a look at our favourites:

Colored water droplets

(Taken with 1/8 s shutter speed, ISO 80, ND filter on, $18 strobe light, some food coloring and 3ml pipettes.)

Are you using manual controls? Show us some of your favourite LightField pictures!

CA-101: highway traffic at night (aleks)

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Oct 10

More LightField Power in Your Hands: Manual Control for your Lytro Camera!

More LightField Power in Your Hands: Manual Control for your Lytro Camera! (Photo: Eric Cheng and Alan Sailer) Coinciding with the first round of international sales, Lytro has just announced the latest version (v1.1) of their camera firmware.
Most importantly, the camera now features a set of manual camera control options that lets their users explore new aspects of LightField creativity.

As soon as you enable Manual Controls (swipe up, tap the “Settings” icon and activate “Manual Controls”), you’ll be able to adjust the following camera settings:

  • Shutter Speed: 1/250 to 8 seconds
  • ISO Sensitivity: 80 – 3200
  • Neutral Density (ND) Filter: toggle on/off (-4 equivalent f-stops)
  • Auto Exposure (AE) Lock: long-press to lock auto-exposure while you adjust your scene

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