Lytro Manual Controls: 20 great LightField Pictures taken in Manual Mode

Lytro’s LightField Camera recently gained manual controls for shutter speed, ISO light sensitivity, ND filter and exposure correction (AE lock; details here). After a stroll through some living picture albums, we’ve compiled some excellent examples of LightField pictures taken with manual controls.
Have a look at our favourites:

Colored water droplets
(Taken with 1/8 s shutter speed, ISO 80, ND filter on, $18 strobe light, some food coloring and 3ml pipettes.)

Are you using manual controls? Show us some of your favourite LightField pictures!

CA-101: highway traffic at night (aleks)

Light-painting: stick figure (jannepaint)

Billiards (mhonicker)

LightField Lego Mitosis (alanw)

Light painting from Torino (jannepaint)

Sydney Opera House at night (me)

Doubles (enrique)

Light painting with ernie (jannepaint)

More coloured water droplets (mhonicker)

High-speed LightField photography: a christmas ornament filled with coloured sand, under gunfire (echeng)

Light painting from Torino (jannepaint)

Sandy’s light-hat (enrique)

Tesla coils and a faraday cage (echeng)

Long exposure, moving portrait (australia)

“Infrared light” (aleks)

Sydney Harbour Bridge at night (me)

A colourful visitor – light painting (jannepaint)

Light painting (jannepaint)

1.2 kg of Florentine beef steak (hanlin)
(This picture was probably taken in automatic mode, but we like it a lot. :) )

Update: We’ve added some more:

Sparks (mvarendorff)

Dance of the Water Drops (allen3)

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  1. thehardme says:

    I can’t wait to see the potential of these photos in 3d. That milestone will be even larger than this one.

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