Mar 15

Lytro Roadmap: Director of Photography hints at Consumer and Professional Cameras

Eric Cheng talks about Lytro and Living Pictures, Photokina 2012 (photo: LightField Forum) Lytro’s first generation LightField camera recently celebrated its first birthday. So what, you might ask, is next up Lytro’s sleeve? What will the second generation camera be like, and what lessons from the first generation will be turned into improvements for the second one?

In a Techhive article that focuses (pun intended) on an alternative way of creating interactive click to focus images, we found what may be the first official hint at Lytro’s upcoming products. First off, there aren’t many details – let alone a timeframe – but we’re still a bit excited.

Lytro’s Director of Photography Eric Cheng had this to say during a discussion of some restrictive aspects of their Terms of Service:

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May 10

Lytro is hiring a WiFi-Engineer – wireless Living Picture transfer in the works?

Lytro is hiring a WiFi-Engineer - wireless Living Picture transfer in the works? As we reported earlier, the Lytro LightField camera already contains a wireless chip that is capable of WiFi and Bluetooth. However, Lytro has neither activated the camera’s hidden wireless feature, nor expressed any concrete plans to do so.
Now that picture seems to be changing, though: Lytro is looking for a software engineer with a strong background in networking and wireless, and calls knowledge of specific wireless protocols (including WPA2-Standard 802.11i and Bluetooth) “a plus”.

Is this a sign that the Lytro will soon gain wireless capabilities? We’re pretty sure it is!
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Mar 19

Ren Ng: No iPhone or other Smartphone with Lytro Technology for now

Ren Ng, founder of Lytro (Photo: Christina Bonnington/ We recently reported that Apple is interested in LightField Technology, possibly for integration into a future iPhone. However, we’ve found an interview in which Lytro Founder Ren Ng denied such a possibility for the next few years.

In the article, in which he talks mainly about his vision for photography of the future, he also answers the question whether we will be seeing Lytro’s LightField technology in smartphones or anywhere else soon.
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