Lytro is hiring a WiFi-Engineer – wireless Living Picture transfer in the works?

Lytro is hiring a WiFi-Engineer - wireless Living Picture transfer in the works? As we reported earlier, the Lytro LightField camera already contains a wireless chip that is capable of WiFi and Bluetooth. However, Lytro has neither activated the camera’s hidden wireless feature, nor expressed any concrete plans to do so.
Now that picture seems to be changing, though: Lytro is looking for a software engineer with a strong background in networking and wireless, and calls knowledge of specific wireless protocols (including WPA2-Standard 802.11i and Bluetooth) “a plus”.

Is this a sign that the Lytro will soon gain wireless capabilities? We’re pretty sure it is!

Full description of open position:

You are a highly motivated software engineer wanting to work on a truly exciting and different wireless application. You have a strong networking background and have a solid familiarity with TCP/IP, UDP and other common communication protocols. You have strong programming and algorithm skills with deep expertise in OS-level network software development.. You also have a good understanding of networking from physical to application layer. Experience using 802.11 in non-traditional low-latency settings is highly desirable


  • 5+ years experience in network software development
  • Proficient in C/C++ programming
  • Experience with TCP/IP, UDP and IEEE 802 MAC
  • Good understanding of IEEE 802 physical and data link layers
  • Experience with network adapter device drivers and TCP/IP stack implementations
  • Experience with embedded software development a plus
  • Understanding of wireless protocols such 802.11i, WPS, etc. a plus
  • Bluetooth knowledge and experience a plus
  • BS/MS in CS/EE or related field required

An interesting tidbit from the job offer page: Lytro to date has raised about 50 million Dollars from companies such as Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners, NEA and K9 Ventures.

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