Lytro Cinema – Official Product Information

Lytro Cinema: Official Product Information (Website Screenshot, 26.03.2017)
Lytro Cinema: Official Product Information (Website Screenshot, 26.03.2017)

The text and screenshots herein are copies of Lytro’s official product information, provided here for information purposes.

The Ultimate Creative Tool

The first professional Light Field solution for cinema, providing unparalleled creative freedom and flexibility on set and in post-production.

Lytro Cinema captures all the rays of light within a scene, providing a rich amount of Light Field data. Every pixel has color properties, directional properties, and its exact placement in space.

Lytro Cinema is defying the traditional physics of on set capture by virtualizing creative camera decisions. Infinite creative choices can be generated in post-production including unprecedented control over focus, perspective, aperture and shutter angle – recreating impossible shots.

Post-Capture Refocus & Extended Depth of Field
With Light Field cinematography, creative camera controls transform into flexible post-production processes, liberating shots from restrictive on-set decisions.

Focus the camera near or far, control the size of the aperture, and create a shot as if that exact decision was made on set.

Computational Frame Rate & Shutter Angle
Adjust frame rates and shutter angles in post-production, so motion blur becomes a flexible creative decision.

Break away from camera settings that are usually “locked” on set and optimize renders for multiple distribution channels.

With Lytro Cinema, every frame in a live action shot becomes a 3D environment. This greatly simplifies the integration of computer graphics with real world footage and offers the same level of control and creative flexibility in the VFX workflow.

Depth Screen
With depth screen, it’s as if there is a green screen for every object in the scene. But it’s not limited to any one object. It’s anywhere in space.

Composite foregrounds and backgrounds using depth information and reduce the demand for cumbersome and expensive green screens on set.

Light Field Camera Tracking
Combining an integrated high resolution active scanning system with the Light Field data, Lytro Cinema is providing precise camera tracking information that greatly simplifies the task of CG integration and match moving.

Lytro Cinema is the first system able to produce a Light Field Master by capturing and processing the entire high resolution Light Field. This enables multiple render options – including IMAX®, RealD®, Dolby Vision, ACES and HFR.

755 RAW Megapixels
Up to 300 fps
Up to 16 stops of Dynamic Range
Integrated High Res Active Scanning Systems

Light Field data storage and processing on set and in the cloud

Light Field plug-ins for existing visual effects tools

Render Options
Multiple render options, including stereoscopic and variable high frame rates

Experience the future of cinema
Lytro is bringing the power of Light Field to productions with cutting-edge visual effects needs. It is only available to select partners in North America at this time.