Lytro Comments on Android App Requests

Lytro Mobile: iPhone App for WiFi Transfer from Camera, On-The-Go Sharing and more It recently caught our eye that there’s no Lytro Android app planned for 2014.
Shortly after our article went live, Lytro’s new product manager for “web and mobile”, Giovanna Baldassare, replied to the feature requests forum, saying that (1) Android is important, (2) her mission is to figure out how to release Lytro Mobile for Android as soon as possible, and (3) she’ll keep the community posted about developments.

Of course, we’ll be covering any Android news on the Light Field Forum as they happen.

Read the full response after the break:


Thanks for the message. I’m a the product manager at Lytro working on mobile. I understand very much everyone’s frustration here and have taken your comments to heart. I’ve been around a month now but am making progress in getting our strategy in order taking into account what we can do and when. Android, as you all of have stated, is a very strategic and imminent thing we need to support. My job now is to figure out how to get that done with the resources at my fingertips.

Please know that I am here to advocate for you all….the customer. As soon as I can give you information, I absolutely will.

And do know that I intend to have a permanent presence here. So you can reach out to me at any point to ask questions. I will give you all guidance on Android as soon as I have a better sense myself of when/how we will get it done.

I know you have all be very patience to this point. With just 4 weeks, under my belt, I’ll get us there. :)

Thanks so much!


Ginna Baldassarre
Sr. Product Manager, Online Experience (Web and Mobile)
Lytro Inc.

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  1. John Daniels says:

    Well, a year and a half later, and still no android support. What a strange duality: company makes a great product, company screams “screw you suckers” and plugs their ears with their fingers while yelling “lalalalalalalallalalala I’m not listening!” There are so many little problems with the software on this thing, it’s insane. Come on, open source the 1st generation support and let’s get some real software support going at no cost to the maker. There is seriously no downside to this. The company will receive more customers and positive press, and the users don’t feel cheated by the company that seems to have no interest in their own products’ success. It’s weird.

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