Lytro Image Manipulation: Linux Tools to insert Images into LightField Pictures

Lytro Image Manipulation: Linux Tools to insert Images into LightField Pictures (picture: ebina1)A few days ago, we reported about ebina1’s tool “Refocus”, which makes the processing of Lytro RAW images possible in Linux.
Now, ebina1 has taken his work further, and released two more programmes that, for the first time, give users the ability to do (one kind of) image editing with Lytro LightField pictures:

insert_focus lets you insert an image at a specified focus level within the picture.

      insert_focus 1.0 (23.8 KiB, 1,637 hits)
    Linux tool to insert an image into a RAW LightField picture at a specified focus level.

A slightly modified version of my refocus program. Still takes as input a .raw data file that you get from using lfpsplitter on a .lfp file, and a floating point value for the focus level.

The image in the file insert.pnm is inserted into the raw data file at the focus level specified (black in insert.pnm is assumed to be transparent).
The new file is written as new.raw

lfpinsert repackages a modified RAW data file into a standard .lfp image file, so you can plug it back into Lytro’s Desktop Software, use all the LightField features and upload it to your Lytro web-account.

      lfpinsert 1.0 (7.3 KiB, 1,737 hits)
    Linux tool to re-insert a modified RAW LightField picture into a standard Lytro .lfp image file.

This is a modified version of the lfpsplitter program. It reads the .lfp file passed in, and also a local file current hard coded to new.raw. It puts the new image data from new.raw into the .lfp file and writes a new file test_out.lfp

One example of these two tools at work is the following test picture, which has focus level labels inserted into the picture:

There are some more Living Pictures in ebina1’s Lytro picture album.

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