Breaking: Lytro Desktop Software for Windows 7 released!

Lytro has just released the Windows 7 version of its Lytro Desktop software.
Grab your Lytro Application (both Mac and Windows) here: Lytro Download

Breaking: Lytro for Windows 7 released!

Update: News of the Windows download made it fast. Within minutes, Lytro’s servers went down. If your installation stops after the License Agreement, just redownload in 30 minutes and try again.

System requirements:
Windows 7 64 bit (only Home, Professional and Ultimate)
Intel Core 2 Duo or better
2 GB RAM or more
DirectX 10

“Aha! Alejandro Guillen, Duane Petrovich, Nash Raghavan, and Jose Lima figured it all out. ”

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