Lytro minimum focus distance: get Super Macro shots in Creative Mode

Lytro minimum focus distance: Get Super Macro shots in Creative Mode As we told you earlier, you can get as close as 4 to 5 inches (10 – 12 cm) to your subject with a Lytro LightField camera. That is, if you take your picture with Standard Mode.
WIth the recently introduced Creative Mode feature, you can get even closer – much, much closer:

Lytro writes:

In Creative Mode, there should not be an issue with “too close.” Ren, our founder, even shot a bug crawling across the camera lens.

That means, the minimum focus distance in Creative Mode is basically zero, if your camera is fully zoomed out. With maximum zoom (8x), the minimum focus distance is about 3 feet (1 meter), which means you should be able to get cool close-up pictures of animals etc., wich a more narrow depth of field (equals nice, blurry background).

Here’s Lytro’s video introduction to Creative Mode:

…and an example Living Picture that shows you the extreme macro power:

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  1. Ketafix says:

    I like where this technology is headed but as of now its just an expensive toy, ill buy this when it can shoot videos or at least I can attach Canon or Nikon lens on it. hope I don’t have to wait long.

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