Sep 21

Photokina Preview: Raytrix demoes Live 3D LightField Processing

In a news release that has somehow escaped our notice, German LightField specialist Raytrix announced an exclusive live demonstration at Photokina Preview 2012.

Photokina: Raytrix demoes 3D LightField Live Processing (Photo: PREVIEW online)

The report notes that Dr. Lennart Wietzke (Raytrix co-founder and CEO) and his team presented “the current version of the LightField camera”, and showed off live 3D LightField data processing, as well as software refocus. Continue reading

Apr 15

Lytro battery details: Battery specifications and efficiency (or: How many Lytro pictures can you take with one charge?)

Lytro: Check the battery by swiping up and tapping on the battery symbol (photo: Lytro) Lytro’s LightField camera is without a doubt the first product of an entirely new generation of cameras, with features that were, until recently, deemed science fiction.
But how good is its battery, and how many pictures can you take until you have to recharge?

This article contains all the information about Lytro’s battery.

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Apr 11

Lytro minimum focus distance: get Super Macro shots in Creative Mode

Lytro minimum focus distance: Get Super Macro shots in Creative Mode As we told you earlier, you can get as close as 4 to 5 inches (10 – 12 cm) to your subject with a Lytro LightField camera. That is, if you take your picture with Standard Mode.
WIth the recently introduced Creative Mode feature, you can get even closer – much, much closer:

Lytro writes:

In Creative Mode, there should not be an issue with “too close.” Ren, our founder, even shot a bug crawling across the camera lens.

That means, the minimum focus distance in Creative Mode is basically zero, if your camera is fully zoomed out. With maximum zoom (8x), the minimum focus distance is about 3 feet (1 meter), which means you should be able to get cool close-up pictures of animals etc., wich a more narrow depth of field (equals nice, blurry background).

Here’s Lytro’s video introduction to Creative Mode:

…and an example Living Picture that shows you the extreme macro power:

via, via

Mar 05

Lytro Video-Review: The most important things in 2 minutes (DP Review)

The following, short video review by Digital Photography Reviews explains what the Lytro LightField camera can do, and discussses strengths and weaknesses of the technology:

Two interesting bits that we couldn’t find out about before:

  • The 26 x 26 mm display has a resolution of 221 x 221 pixels (= total 49.000 pixels)
  • the focal length is 43 – 340 mm equivalent with constant F/2 f-number (limited to 43 – 150 mm in Everyday mode)

The complete Review: Lytro Light Field Camera: Digital Photography Review

Mar 03

Has Lytro drastically modified the pictures in its official LightField gallery?

The pictures in Lytro’s Living Pictures Gallery look awesome: They’re beautifully composed, show little noise and have full, saturated colors. Obviously, Lytro will show off its best pictures to get people interested in its new product, but are these pictures really representative of what comes out of your Lytro camera?

It seems that at least some of the pictures in the official gallery were significantly post-processed in order to give them better color and saturation:

Lytro LightField Picture Gallery with heavily adjusted colors? (left: official gallery, right: original picture in mugurm's album)

For comparison, have a look at the official and original Living Pictures.

It’s obviously possible to do post-processing with LightField Pictures. Is the above an example that it’s not very hard to do, and that we’ll soon also get the chance to postprocess our Lytro pictures?