Jun 23

DIY Lytro ring flash: first test

Since the Lytro camera doesn’t come with a flash, we thought about making my own DIY ring flash for some time. Today, finally, the most important component has arrived in the mail: a little LED ring that cost as little as 3.50 €.

Here’s a quick photo of my first crude attempt to take close-up pictures with a homemade LED ring flash (ring light):

DIY Lytro ring flash: first test

What’s more interesting, though, are the test photos taken with the Lytro camera: Continue reading

May 14

LightField Picture of the Week: Blue Eye

This week we’d like you to take a closer look – much closer: A mesmerizingly blue eye of an anonymous beholder looked right into the very lense of the Lytro at asterisk, San Francisco.

This macro living picture was taken in Creative Mode, and is likely the best eye closeup we’ve ever seen.

More Living Pictures of the Week

Apr 25

How to take better Lytro pictures: The best Tips for new LightField Photographers

You recently got your own Lytro LightField Camera? Good for you!
But now what?
To start taking Living Pictures the way they were meant to be taken, check out this little Lytro introduction:


We’ve also collected some tips to help you get familiar with LightField photography. They will help you to take better, more dramatic refocusable pictures with your Lytro camera.

Tell a story

It’s best if you already have an idea of what “story” you’d like to tell with your picture. For example, you could “hide” something in the background, or align objects in a way that your viewers can focus on them individually.

Example: Create a hide-and-seek LightField picture like this:

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