This Music Video Was Shot Entirely with the Lytro Illum

This Music Video Was Shot Entirely with the Lytro Illum (picture: Vimeo Screenshot) At first glance, the music video below consists only of slow panning and focus-shifting across otherwise static scenes, where the camera movement matches the calm soundscape of Big Noble‘s new song “Ocean Picture”.
However, there’s something special about this video: It was recorded solely with a Lytro Illum light field camera, and thus consists of many individual images brought to life by two of the most popular light field features: post-capture refocus and single-exposure 3D.

“It was quite a lengthy process as I don’t think the camera was really designed for video implementation,” explains “Ocean Picture” director Daniel Ryan. “But when stretched to its limits we were able to execute the idea of slowly revealing a moment frozen in time.”

For more information, check out the following article by Tyler Hayes: A Lytro Camera Was Used To Create This Ominously Elegant Music Video

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