Lytro: 3D and Parallax by End of Year

Lytro: 3D and Parallax by End of Year (Picture by E. Cheng) We’ve seen Lytro-Demos of single-lens single-shot 3D and Parallax before, but the company wasn’t very specific regarding the time-frame for a general public release.
Now, it seems that Lytro is willing to show commitment to these features: According to Engadget, the company has announced a release “by the end of the year”.

[An] update due by the end of the year will take advantage of that focus-independent sensor to allow a parallax-based 3D effect in photos: invoke a ‘full’ focus in reviewing shots and you can start poking around the scene in a limited way without having ever touched a dual-sensor camera.
Appropriately, we’re also getting support for examining photos on 3D monitors and TVs that emphasize the added depth.

As you can see in the video below, there’s another upcoming LightField feature: All in Focus is a prerequisite for 3D and Parallax, and may be released even before the other two.

All of these effects are based on the rich information that is available within the LightField. It’s purely a matter of a software update. In other words, you’ll be able to experience all in focus, 3D and Parallax with all existing Lytro pictures once the Lytro Desktop Software update is released.


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