May 17

Flashback: Inventor Steven Sasson Talks About The World’s First Digital Camera

Flashback: Steven Sasson Talks About The World’s First Digital Camera (vimeo screengrab) Digital cameras are anywhere and everywhere today – from massive professional DSLR cameras to tiny modules integrated into the widest range of consumer electronics. Turn the clock back about 40 years, and you’re at the advent of digital imaging.

The first digital camera was designed by Steven Sasson in the Kodak Apparatus Division research lab (Rochester, New York) in 1975. It weighed 3.6 kg (8 pounds) and contained a Fairchild CCD 201 image sensor (one of the first CCDs available) with an image resolution of 100 x 100 pixels, or 0.01 megapixels. Continue reading

May 11

Lytro Comments on Android App Requests

Lytro Mobile: iPhone App for WiFi Transfer from Camera, On-The-Go Sharing and more It recently caught our eye that there’s no Lytro Android app planned for 2014.
Shortly after our article went live, Lytro’s new product manager for “web and mobile”, Giovanna Baldassare, replied to the feature requests forum, saying that (1) Android is important, (2) her mission is to figure out how to release Lytro Mobile for Android as soon as possible, and (3) she’ll keep the community posted about developments.

Of course, we’ll be covering any Android news on the Light Field Forum as they happen.

Read the full response after the break: Continue reading

May 10

Are Canon Powershot and Eos/Rebel Cameras Getting Depth of Field Control Soon?

Are Canon Powershot and Eos/Rebel Cameras Getting Depth of Field Control Soon? (picture via: Cameraegg) As much potential as light field technology has, Lytro is – until now – the only company actually going that way with consumer cameras.
Now, according to Canon Rumors, Canon may be one of the first “big” camera makers working on integrating light field features into DSLR and Point-and-Shoot cameras:

We’re told that Canon is working to implement depth of field control in upcoming PowerShot and Rebel DSLRs. Continue reading

May 04

Light Field Microscope: New Imaging System Allows Real-Time 3D Microscopy

Light Field Microscopy: New Imaging System Allows Real-Time 3D Microscopy (image: Kim et al. 2014) One of the most exciting fields in science where light field imaging (or plenoptic imaging) has a great potential is microscopy: Not only is the depth of field very limited in microscopy, it also enables us to observe things much smaller than what the eye can see. Extended depth of field and 3D reconstruction would offer many opportunities, such as to better understand the three-dimensional internal structure of plant- or animal cells and tissues, to name just one example.
3D imaging using multi-camera approaches is very difficult in microscopy due to space limitations and the strong effects of parallax, but light field imaging can solve these problems. Until now, however, light field microscopy is still largely defined by resource-intensive post-processing, which limits real-time applications and observations.

In a recent publication in the journal Optics Express, researchers from Seoul National University and Harvard Medical School in Boston present a novel light field microscopy system that enables light field microscopy with real-time 3D display. Continue reading

May 02

Hands-On Video: Lytro Illum and new Lytro Mobile iPad App

In the following two videos, Lytro founder Ren Ng gives us a first hands-on look at the company’s new flagship camera, the Lytro Illum.
He also shows off the features of the new iPad app that will be released together with the Illum in July 2014, and offer “tap to refocus”, Perspective Shift, and even adjust the depth of field, in Living Pictures.

Lytro Illum Camera | Hands On (TechCrunch)

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