Apr 01

SPIE: Deconvolution allows Recovery of Full Resolution in Light Field Images

Figure 1. Restoration of a blurred image (simulated data) through deconvolution associated with a plenoptic wavefront sensor. Top left: Original object. Top right: Degraded (blurred) image. Bottom left: Plenoptic acquisition. Bottom right: Restored image. This simulation shows that it is possible to recover an image (obtained with a 512×512-pixel sensor) with only 32 × 32 microlenses. (Image: Rodriguez-Ramos et al., 2015) One of the most limiting hardware factors in light field photography is the loss of image resolution by use of microlens arrays: In Lytro’s light field cameras, the effective image resolution is a factor of 10 below the sensor resolution (i.e. 4 Megapixel images from a 40 Megaray sensor in the Lytro Illum). Raytrix, on the other hand, has managed to achieve up to 25% of sensor resolution using multi-focus plenoptic arrays.

In a recent article on SPIE.org, the Society for Optics and Photonics Technology, researchers José Manuel Rodriguez-Ramos and colleagues discuss a new deconvolution approach which allows recovery of full image resolution from a raw light field picture. Continue reading

Mar 29

Lytro Illum on Offer, 300 Euro below Standard Price

Have you been waiting for the Lytro Illum price to drop before you buy? Now may be your chance: An Italian seller has just undercut the official list price by 300 Euro, and is currently selling Lytro’s flagship camera for 1299.99 Euro plus 25 Euros for shipping within Europe (edit: while the offer is also valid overseas, higher shipping cost applies).

Lytro Illum on Offer, 300 Euro below Standard Price

Since this is the first time we’ve seen the Lytro Illum go for much less than 1599 Euros, we’re not sure the offer will stay for long. If you’re interested, seize the chance and get your cheap Illum from the Amazon Marketplace!

Note: If the link takes you just to the standard offer, click through to “Other Sellers on Amazon” in the lower right.

Mar 19

Lytro Receives 50 Million Dollars for Move towards Virtual Reality and Video

Lytro Receives 50 Million Dollars for Move towards Virtual Reality and Video (picture: techspot.com) After releasing two light field cameras for end users, Lytro seems to try branching out into other fields to enable broader application of their plenoptic technology: Back in November, Lytro announced the Lytro Development Kit, basically a way for interested companies to license the technology and explore light field applications on their own.
Now the company reportedly raised 50 million $ to shift toward Virtual Reality and video. Lytro’s “refocus” to these new areas entails a lay-off of 25 to 50 current positions – a sizeable chunk of their workforce of just 130 – so that new specialists from the fields of video and VR can be hired. Continue reading

Mar 16

Exclusive: Lytro Patents Hybrid Camera for Conventional and Light Field Photography

Fig. 4 from the patent application depicts an architecture for a light field camera suitable for mobile applications, wherein the MLA can be optically disabled to enable higher resolution 2D image capture. (modified after Bhat et al., 2014) The US Patent and Trademark Office has just released a patent application by Lytro titled “Light field image capture device having 2D image capture mode”. The application was filed September 8 2014 by nine (then-) Lytro employees, and describes a dual-mode light field camera that can switch between two modes, allowing either light field imaging or traditional high-resolution 2D imaging:

Abstract: A dual-mode light field camera or plenoptic camera is enabled to perform both 3D light field imaging and conventional high-resolution 2D imaging, depending on the selected mode. In particular, an active system is provided that enables the microlenses to be optically or effectively turned on or turned off, allowing the camera to selectively operate as a 2D imaging camera or a 3D light field camera.

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Feb 26

This Music Video Was Shot Entirely with the Lytro Illum

This Music Video Was Shot Entirely with the Lytro Illum (picture: Vimeo Screenshot) At first glance, the music video below consists only of slow panning and focus-shifting across otherwise static scenes, where the camera movement matches the calm soundscape of Big Noble‘s new song “Ocean Picture”.
However, there’s something special about this video: It was recorded solely with a Lytro Illum light field camera, and thus consists of many individual images brought to life by two of the most popular light field features: post-capture refocus and single-exposure 3D.

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