Apr 30

LightField Toolbox: Lytro Image Processing in Matlab

LightField Toolbox: Lytro Image Processing in Matlab Processing Lytro LightField Pictures is generally done within the free, official Lytro Desktop Software. If you want more control over your LightField results, though, there are a few tools available to do just that. (Note that the Desktop Software is still needed to transfer the pictures from the camera.)

The newest addition to the list of openly available LightField tools is LightField Toolbox v0.1 for Matlab, by Donald G. Dansereau.
It its initial release, it is limited to basic features such as loading, decoding, colour correction and visualization (including a basic perspective shift effect) of Lytro light field images. But there’s more to come!

This version of the toolbox and documentation are focused on Lytro imagery. Adapting this to other cameras should be straightforward. Future releases will support additional input formats, camera calibration, image rectification, and depth and volumetric filtering for improved rendering quality.

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Apr 28

Lytro Announces First International LightField Photo Contest

Fission - Living Picture by CNF Here’s a little tidbit for Lytro users around the world: Lytro is looking for the best LightField pictures in the world, and will give away a total prize money of 1,500 USD to find them.

Earlier this week, Lytro has announced their first ever international LightField photography contest. In contrast to previous contests and raffles, where only US residents were allowed to participate, the new photo contest is open to anyone aged 18 or older. Continue reading

Apr 26

FocusTwist App: More Software Refocus for your iPhone

FocusTwist App: More Software Refocus for your iPhone (picture: Arqball) Last week, we presented the tap2focus iPhone App that offers Lytro-like refocus capabilities by way of manually recording several photos and combining them into an interactive picture.
Shortly after (but unrelated), Arqball announced the launch of their newest app FocusTwist which also promises this LightField-like feature.

FocusTwist (AppStore Link) FocusTwist (Free)
Arqball (Rated:

There are a few differences between the two apps:

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Apr 24

Lytro Talk: Turning PhD Concepts into Cocktail Conversations

Lytro Talk: Turning PhD Concepts into Cocktail Conversations (picture: Kira Wampler) How do you turn a scientific concept into a product that the average person talks about?
At South by Southwest (SXSW) 2013, Lytro’s VP of Marketing Kira Wampler talked about this question, about building a brand, and disrupting photography itself.

You’ve created a disruptive new technology that’s going to revolutionize an industry – at least until you can figure out how to explain it to someone. Kira Wampler, VP of Marketing for Lytro, discuss how to craft a compelling story about your product or technology and how to educate the average consumer about your breakthrough technology, and turn PhD concepts into cocktail conversations. Continue reading