Sep 10

All in One: Raytrix demoes 3D LightField Time Lapse Video

German LightField solutions manufacturer Raytrix is making our mouths water with a newly published, truly “All in One” video: They show what becomes possible with LightField imaging, demoing a combination of time lapse and 3D video:

The time lapse video shows the development of flowers in fast motion, corresponding depth maps (as a heat map and different depth visualization), and a re-rendered 3D scene from a different perspective.

Raytrix wants to make Full-HD Plenoptic real-time Movies (30fps) possible by the end of the year.

Sep 08

Researchers Develop a Touchable LCD LightField 3D Display

Researchers develop a Touchable LCD LightField 3D Display The recording of LightField data has just recently made a leap into consumer technology, but that’s just one side of the technology. Scientists have also tried to create LightField Displays - that is, displays that don’t just create two-dimensional pictures on a flat surface, but rather send out light rays in all possible the directions and thus create three-dimensional images that change depending on the viewers position.
Now, a team of scientists at Zhejiang University (China) have made a big step forward in creating an interactive LightField 3D Display.

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Sep 04

Raytrix LightField Video: Full-HD Plenoptic Movies at 30 fps ready “by the End of the Year”

There’s one more detail we wanted to highlight from Mark Harris’ feature article “Light-Field Photography Revolutionizes Imaging“, and it concerns advances in LightField recording:

Raytrix LightField Video: Full-HD Plenoptic Movies at 30fps ready "by the End of the Year"

According to the article, German LightField specialist Raytrix is not just researching the refinement of microlense arrays for higher effective resolution or “3D facial recognition in security systems”, but is also working hard on LightField video. Continue reading