Feb 06

How the Lytro Camera sees the World: Raw Data of a LightField Sensor

How the Lytro Camera sees the World: Raw Data of a LightField Sensor (photo: Corby Ziesman, CC-by-nc-nd 2.0) Lytro’s LightField Sensor consists of an ordinary CMOS imaging sensor, and a so-called microlens array mounted on top of it. Using this combination, it becomes possible to not only record a flat representation of a scene, but also the direction of individual light rays (using complex algorithms).
But what does that really mean, and what exactly does the sensor see?

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Jan 28

LightField Software to Process your DIY LightField pictures (Part 1)

So you’ve built your own LightField Camera? Taken your first LightField pictures? What’s next?
The next step is finding software that will allow you to process the captured LightField information. There are countless factors in which LightField setups can differ, so unfortunately processing your pictures is not just a matter of click and refocus. There is some software available, though, that will help you work with your very own LightField photographs.

Part one of our feature on “LightField Software” will focus (pun intended) on tools made public by the Stanford Computer Graphics Lab.

LFDisplay – Real-Time LightField Viewer

LFDisplay - Real-Time LightField Viewer Originally developed for , LFDisplay will also work with LightField pictures taken with other setups (including a DIY LightField camera). The Open-Source tool for Mac and Windows provides the following LightField features

  • software refocus: two refocus sliders (coarse and fine) for adjustment along the virtual z-axis
  • synthetic aperture controls: pinhole, full and custom aperture
  • virtual [tag]3D tilting via click & drag

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Jan 24

International Sales: Lytro Camera now available in India

Lytro’s LightField Camera has arrived in its 6th country: Online retailer Snapdeal has launched the three original models of the camera (Red Hot 16 GB, Electric Blue 8 GB and Graphite 8 GB) in the world’s second-most populous country for the exorbitant price of 47,999 (894 USD) and 39,999 Rs (745 USD), respectively. Online shop Firangi Bhai is selling the 8 GB models Electric Blue, Graphite and Sea glass for 35,500 Rs (662 USD) each.

International Sales: Lytro Camera now available in India

Lytro hasn’t included India in their Where to Buy list, so we’re wondering whether this is an official expansion of their international distribution.

Jan 21

Review: Viewpoint Laboratories’ 37 mm Filter Adapter for the Lytro LightField Camera

Lytro LightField camera with attached Viewpoint Laboratories filter adapter and +10 macro converter lens. If only this picture was refocusable! Last month, Viewpoint Laboratories launched what we believe is the first third-party accessory specifically designed for Lytro’s LightField Camera: a 37 mm filter adapter that is attached to the camera via high-strength neodymium magnets.

Viewpoint Laboratories was kind enough to provide us with a test sample, and we examined and tested it on several occasions over the last week.

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