Mar 31

Lytro Camera: A German Review after 11 Months of Use

Axel Schuch: German Lytro-Review after 11 Months of Use About a month ago, Lytro’s LightField Camera celebrated its first birthday. On this occasion, Axel Schuch from Germany – one of the very first Lytro users out there – has put together a report of his experiences after 11 months of creative private and professional use. Axel takes a look at Lytro’s first steps and then continues to talk about his own projects, including the augmentation with various accessories and an exhibition with 70-inch touchscreens.

Lytro Kamera Erfahrungsbericht – Echt Scharf… diese Unschärfe

The article is available only in German, but a rough machine translation conveys most of his experiences to English-speaking readers.

Mar 30

Video: How to Completely Take Apart a Lytro LightField Camera

If you’re trying to take apart your Lytro LightField Camera, we have a couple of interesting How To articles available here. But what if you want to go a bit further?

Jason Wolf, who earlier documented the Lytro disassembly process down to the major camera parts, has created an 11 minute video that shows you, in full detail, how to completely disassemble Lytro’s LightField Camera.

Video: How to Completely Take Apart a Lytro LightField Camera Completely

While Jason goes down to the individual lenses, mainboard and electronic shutter, we don’t recommend using a pipe wrench on your lens system if you’d like to use your camera again. ;)

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Mar 16

Lytro Image Manipulation: Linux Tools to insert Images into LightField Pictures

Lytro Image Manipulation: Linux Tools to insert Images into LightField Pictures (picture: ebina1)A few days ago, we reported about ebina1′s tool “Refocus”, which makes the processing of Lytro RAW images possible in Linux.
Now, ebina1 has taken his work further, and released two more programmes that, for the first time, give users the ability to do (one kind of) image editing with Lytro LightField pictures:

insert_focus lets you insert an image at a specified focus level within the picture. Continue reading

Mar 15

Lytro Roadmap: Director of Photography hints at Consumer and Professional Cameras

Eric Cheng talks about Lytro and Living Pictures, Photokina 2012 (photo: LightField Forum) Lytro’s first generation LightField camera recently celebrated its first birthday. So what, you might ask, is next up Lytro’s sleeve? What will the second generation camera be like, and what lessons from the first generation will be turned into improvements for the second one?

In a Techhive article that focuses (pun intended) on an alternative way of creating interactive click to focus images, we found what may be the first official hint at Lytro’s upcoming products. First off, there aren’t many details – let alone a timeframe – but we’re still a bit excited.

Lytro’s Director of Photography Eric Cheng had this to say during a discussion of some restrictive aspects of their Terms of Service:

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