Jan 21

Review: Viewpoint Laboratories’ 37 mm Filter Adapter for the Lytro LightField Camera

Lytro LightField camera with attached Viewpoint Laboratories filter adapter and +10 macro converter lens. If only this picture was refocusable! Last month, Viewpoint Laboratories launched what we believe is the first third-party accessory specifically designed for Lytro’s LightField Camera: a 37 mm filter adapter that is attached to the camera via high-strength neodymium magnets.

Viewpoint Laboratories was kind enough to provide us with a test sample, and we examined and tested it on several occasions over the last week.

Does the adapter keep its promises? Should you get one? Find out in our in-depth review, coming up right after the break! Continue reading

Jan 16

lfpsplitter: Update for Images processed with Lytro Desktop 2.x

Lytro’s recent upgrade to Lytro Desktop 2.0 entailed some file format changes that rendered light field files incompatible with lfpsplitter.

An update to lfpsplitter, provided by Elissa Weidaw, now accommodates for these changes and makes lfpsplitter usable again. The author has made sure to keep the lfpsplitter syntax unchanged.

Since Lytro Desktop 2.0, LFP image stacks are encoded as H264 frame sequences – used to compress files and speed up loading times. Due to “legal issues swirling around H264 decoding”, lfpsplitter does not decode said sequences. There are, however, other tools (e.g. ffmpeg) that will do the extra step for you.

More information and download link: lfpsplitter at GitHub

Here are the official README_V2 contents: Continue reading