Pelican Imaging: CEO explains the Power of Light Field Imaging [Video]

Pelican Imaging has recently released a short video where CEO Chris Pickett explains what’s so interesting about light field photography:

In the 2-minute clip, Pickett explains how Pelican’s Array Camera works, and shows its most exciting features: software refocus, multiple focus (focus on several depths in one image), segmentation (automatic depth-based object extraction).
A nice twist to object extraction/transfer is the automatic scaling depending on the image depth. In the video, a woman is moved behind the kitchen counter (farther away in the scene), and she is automatically resized to scale.

Envisioned uses of the camera’s rich data output include 3D printing, 3D modelling, and Augmented Reality (AR).

Your life in is 3D. Why should your photos and video be any different? Pelican Imaging has developed a very small, thin array camera for mobile devices that captures photo and video the way your eyes do: with depth.
Create 3D models, refocus after the fact, change backgrounds or combine photos…depth-based imaging will change what people expect from their mobile cameras.

Side note: According to the video, Pelican’s Array Camera produces depth maps at full image resolution, meaning that each individual pixel is assigned its own depth value.

Pelican Imaging: CEO explains the Power of Light Field Imaging [Video]

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