Apple interested in LightField Camera for future iPhone

LightField Technology is widely regarded to be the biggest photographic invention since the Camera obscura. Thus, it is not very surprising that one of the biggest innovators in the fields of computers and mobile electronics is also interested in using it: Apple.

Apple interested in LightField Camera for future iPhone (iPhone 5? iPhone 6?)

Before his death last October, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs asked to meet Lytro founder Ren Ng. On the afternoon of that same day in summer 2011, Ng raced to Palo Alto and personally introduced his Lytro camera, after which the two talked about technology, cameras and product design.
Jobs asked him to outline the specific ways in which the two companies could collaborate.

What struck me the most was how clear his communication was,” Ng said. “His eyes were just so brilliant. His glasses kind of levitated off his nose. I told him we drew a lot of inspiration from the iPad. He really smiled. It was clear it resonated.

If Apple really plans to design an iPhone with included LightField camera, it will probably still take a few years to overcome the technical obstacles. After all, Lytro has managed to condense case studies of the last 15 years into the smallest device currently possible.


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