Mar 13

New Apple Patent for Light Field Camera …in Manufacturing Processes

New Apple Patent for Light Field Camera Manufacturing Processes (Picture: Apple) Light field imaging has captured the mind of many technology enthusiasts and imaging pioneers, and there have been rumours of light field cameras in future iPhones or Android smartphones.
Now a new patent has surfaced that shows Apple is still interested in light field cameras. The twist is, the proposed “plenoptic” (a.k.a. light field) camera system is intended to aid robots in the manufacturing process. Continue reading

Apr 17

Apple buys Array-Camera Maker LinX for DSLR-Quality and Light Field Imaging

Apple buys Array-Camera Maker Linx for DSLR-Quality and Light Field Imaging Apple is known to have been interested in light field technology since before Lytro released their first-generation light field camera, as Ren Ng was reportedly invited by Steve Jobs himself to discuss the technology’s potential. The company has even patented some of their own inventions in the field.
Now, it seems that the tech giant has made its next move towards light field photography: Apple has acquired Israeli camera module maker LinX, which specializes in thin camera arrays similar to Pelican Imaging’s PiCam.
LinX promises powerful camera modules with advanced image quality (“leading the way to DSLR performance in slim handsets”), but also additional information such as scene depth through its “multi-aperture” modules (read: array cameras and possibly light field technology).

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Nov 26

Apple patents Light Field Hybrid Camera that can switch between Traditional and Plenoptic Imaging

Apple patents Light Field Hybrid Camera that can switch between Traditional and Plenoptic Imaging Smartphone makers around the world are racing release the world’s first light field enabled smartphone. According to some reports, manufacturers such as Apple, HTC, Nokia, and also the MIT are working on further miniaturizing the technology to fit into mobile devices. Meanwhile, companies like Pelican and Toshiba are finalizing their camera designs for third-party licensing.

Now, The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a new patent describing a “digital camera including refocusable imaging mode adaptor”, and it comes with an interesting addition to the existing light field solutions by Lytro or Raytrix. Continue reading

Nov 13

Lytro goes Apple Online Store, introduces two new Camera Colours

There are more big news from Lytro today: The company just announced that three models of the Lytro Light Field Camera are now available for order at the Apple Online Store. More exciting for us is the introduction of two beautiful new colour versions, Cobalt Blue (16 GB, 499.95 USD) and Champagne (8 GB, 399.95 USD).

Cobalt Blue and Champagne - two new Lytro camera colours available exclusively at the Apple Online Store (picture: Lytro)

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Mar 19

Ren Ng: No iPhone or other Smartphone with Lytro Technology for now

Ren Ng, founder of Lytro (Photo: Christina Bonnington/ We recently reported that Apple is interested in LightField Technology, possibly for integration into a future iPhone. However, we’ve found an interview in which Lytro Founder Ren Ng denied such a possibility for the next few years.

In the article, in which he talks mainly about his vision for photography of the future, he also answers the question whether we will be seeing Lytro’s LightField technology in smartphones or anywhere else soon.
Ng put it this way: Continue reading