Feb 23

Video: Präsentation des Stanford LichtFeld Mikroskops

Das folgende Video, auf das uns Leser Alejandro hinwies, zeigt, wie LichtFeld Technologie auch die Facetten der Mikroskopie deutlich erweitern und verbessern kann:

Die Vorteile sind vielfältig, und bringen die “üblichen” LichtFeld Features in die Mikroskopie: Anstatt einer einfachen orthographischen Aufsicht ermöglicht ein plenoptisches Mikroskop Software Refokus, erweiterte Schärfentiefe, Fokusstapel, Schrägansichten und Perspektive, 3D Rekonstruktion und Raumvisualisierung.

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Feb 23

Video: Introducing the Stanford LightField Microscope

The following video, brought to our attention by reader Alejandro, shows how LightField technology can significantly augment traditional microscopy:

The advantages are numerous, and represent the “ordinary” LightField Features but applied to microscopy: Instead of just a single “head-on” orthographic view, a plenoptic microscope setup allows for software refocus, increased depth of field, focal stacks, oblique orthographic views and perspective, 3D reconstruction and volume rendering.

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Jan 28

LightField Software to Process your DIY LightField pictures (Part 1)

So you’ve built your own LightField Camera? Taken your first LightField pictures? What’s next?
The next step is finding software that will allow you to process the captured LightField information. There are countless factors in which LightField setups can differ, so unfortunately processing your pictures is not just a matter of click and refocus. There is some software available, though, that will help you work with your very own LightField photographs.

Part one of our feature on “LightField Software” will focus (pun intended) on tools made public by the Stanford Computer Graphics Lab.

LFDisplay – Real-Time LightField Viewer

LFDisplay - Real-Time LightField Viewer Originally developed for , LFDisplay will also work with LightField pictures taken with other setups (including a DIY LightField camera). The Open-Source tool for Mac and Windows provides the following LightField features

  • software refocus: two refocus sliders (coarse and fine) for adjustment along the virtual z-axis
  • synthetic aperture controls: pinhole, full and custom aperture
  • virtual [tag]3D tilting via click & drag

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