Has Lytro drastically modified the pictures in its official LightField gallery?

The pictures in Lytro’s Living Pictures Gallery look awesome: They’re beautifully composed, show little noise and have full, saturated colors. Obviously, Lytro will show off its best pictures to get people interested in its new product, but are these pictures really representative of what comes out of your Lytro camera?

It seems that at least some of the pictures in the official gallery were significantly post-processed in order to give them better color and saturation:

Lytro LightField Picture Gallery with heavily adjusted colors? (left: official gallery, right: original picture in mugurm's album)

For comparison, have a look at the official and original Living Pictures.

It’s obviously possible to do post-processing with LightField Pictures. Is the above an example that it’s not very hard to do, and that we’ll soon also get the chance to postprocess our Lytro pictures?

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  1. One can always export the living pics into jpg and from Jpg one can manipulate the 2D Jpg. It would be nice if Lytro images had contrast and brightness control and color balance depending on the type of lighting….. to improve colour correctness. PL

  1. 2013-01-13

    […] differences are reminding us of early last year, when we discovered that Living Pictures looked significantly better in the official gallery, than they did in the user […]

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