Lytro Review after 1000 Living Pictures

Lytro‘s first LightField camera has officially launched , and tech journalist Robert Scoble is one of the first to post a lengthy review about it.

Lytro Lightfield camera (photo:

After one week and his first 1000 recorded living pictures, he draws an interesting resume about what the camera can and can’t do.

His main positive points:

  • camera draws a crowd
  • a fun new way to take pictures and see things
  • no shutter lag
  • additional features are coming (3D, perspective shift, …)
  • exciting new technology

And the cons:

  • low light sensitivity
  • sharpness and printability
  • portability
  • color saturation and quality
  • slow shutter speeds
  • time to process images

You can find the full review here: First week review and first 1,000 images with Lytro

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