Jun 08

Lytro Illum: Review after Three Weeks of Testing

Lytro Illum: Review after Three Weeks of TestingIt looks sexy, but does it hold true to its promises? We tested the Lytro Illum light field camera for three weeks, and would like to give you a better idea of the camera and its features with this review.


Lytro Illum is the name of the second light field camera released by Lytro – and with that, the second consumer light field camera in the world. Compared to the first generation, which is sometimes referred to as a “proof of concept”, Lytro has upped its game to a camera targeted to “creative pioneers”: Its big 30-250 mm lens with constant f/2.0 aperture, the 40 megaray sensor and the integrated Snapdragon processor, the SD-card slot and the SLR-like appearance all indicate that the target audience is no longer just technology enthusiasts, but also semi-professional photographers. However, all that comes at a price, which is currently 1.299 US-Dollars or 1.299 Euro.


The Illum is unique, and that’s obvious even when just looking at the box: Remove the mantlepiece and you’ll see a black cardboard-cube which unfolds to reveal the light field camera. Continue reading

Oct 04

Ebook: Using Lytro Illum – A Guide to Creating Great Living Pictures

Ebook: Using Lytro Illum - A Guide to Creating Great Living Pictures (picture: Josh Anon) So your Lytro Illum has finally arrived – now what? In many respects, light field photography is fundamentally different from traditional photography, and the switch from one to the other may not be an easy one for everybody.
Josh Anon, nature photographer and former Senior Product Manager at Lytro, recently published a new ebook titled “Using Lytro Illum – a Guide to Creating Great Living Pictures“.

Using LYTRO ILLUM provides a comprehensive overview of the Lytro ecosystem. Endorsed by Lytro, Inc., this book covers everything from what the light field is to how to take advantage of the Lytro button while shooting to how to edit your pictures outside of Lytro Desktop. It’s the one guide that will take you from novice to living picture expert!

We had a closer look at whether the book delivers what the title promises, and in this article, we’ll tell you what we think.

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Sep 15

ExifTool 9.70 brings Support for Lytro LFP Files

ExifTool 9.70 brings Support for Lytro LFP Files ExifTool is a popular piece of open-source software which allows users to read, edit and write EXIF metadata from/to images and video. The newest update to version 9.70, released earlier this month, adds support for Lytro RAW files and enables us to read EXIF metadata from Light Field Picture (LFP) files.

Click below to download ExifTool 9.70 directly, or head over to cpan.org to find the latest version.

  ExifTool 9.70 (3.7 MiB, 1,170 hits)

Aug 09

Lytro Meltdown: Updates to Lytro Compatible Viewer, Communicator, and Library

Lytro Meltdown: Updates to Lytro Compatible Viewer, Communicator, and Library Jan Kučera has recently released a suite of software updates for his Lytro Meltdown tools, the Lytro Compatible Viewer (updated to version, the Lytro Compatible Communicator (new version:, and the Lytro Compatible Library (new version:

Updates include a 3D mesh view from depth maps for the Viewer, improved demosaicing, and user manuals. The library has received accessors for well-known components in light field packages, dedicated classes and methods for easier access to sub-aperture and individual microlens images.

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Aug 03

Lytro Illum Sample Raw Files and Lytro Desktop Feature Examples

Folder contents of an "Editable Living Picture", exported from Illum sample Raw file using Lytro Desktop 4.0 Looking for a RAW light field file recorded by the Lytro Illum? We’ve got you covered!

Mike Miller, proud owner of the Lytro Illum “First Edition” Number 14, has kindly supplied us with some Raw light field files from Lytro’s new flagship product. Mike has also posted a detailed Lytro Illum unboxing report on his blog, so be sure to check that out!
The raw files are about 50 MB each (download link below) and allow you to test the features of Lytro Desktop 4.0, or have a closer look at the file format if that’s your thing. Continue reading