Jan 06

Lytro releases Self Timer for LightField Camera

Lytro has recently started giving out camera firmware 1.1.1 for its LightField Camera, which brings another new feature that the Lytro community has been asking for: a Self Timer.

Lytro releases Self Timer for LightField Camera Lytro releases Self Timer for LightField Camera

The timer will not only come in handy when you want to appear in your own pictures, but also when you’re taking pictures with longer exposure times, to reduce camera shake and unwanted motion blur from pushing the shutter button. Continue reading

Nov 16

Lytro’s new Living Filters explained

Lytro's new Living Filters explained The biggest news of the day was clearly the impending release of Lytro’s new Perspective Shift feature, but the company has something more in store for us: 9 Living Filters that interactively change the picture depending on your refocus position and perspective.
The new feature marks the first possibility of post processing Living Pictures, and a new way to channel our creativity.

These filters, described (and shown) in more detail after the break, will be available within the Lytro Desktop Software on December 4.

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Nov 16

Breaking: Lytro to release Perspective Shift Feature on December 4

Lytro has just updated their website and Youtube Channel to include information on the newest software feature to be released: Perspective Shift.
The possibility to change the point of view will be available both within the Lytro Desktop Software and on the web, on December 4, 2012. The best part about it: You’ll be able to both refocus (click) and shift perspective (click+drag) in one Living Picture. Since the Lytro camera captures the raw LightField, all the pictures you’ve already taken will also get the parallax feature.

Lytro’s newest light field capability, Perspective Shift, allows you to interactively change your point of view in a picture, after you’ve taken the picture. On a computer or mobile device, you can shift the living picture in any direction; left, right, up, down and all around. Continue reading

May 15

RIM presents “Time Travel” Camera that records an entire timeline

Research in Motion (RIM) recently presented a new camera innovation that is yet another blow to purist photography, but all the more useful and practical:
Everybody who has done group photos knows that capturing “that perfect moment” when everybody is smiling and has their eyes open, is very very hard. This is why RIM’s new Blackberry 10 will be equipped with a camera that records not just one moment, but a little timeline of images.
It automatically detects faces and lets you “travel through time” to find the best shot of every individual face.

RIM presents "Time Travel" Camera that records an entire timeline

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Apr 02

Lytro: 5 coolest features of the world’s first consumer LightField camera

Lytro: 5 coolest features of the world's first consumer LightField camera Lytro’s brand-new LightField camera packs some very cool features, but what are the best of them all? Ian Paul from PCWorld names the five coolest features, and tells you why:

focus afterwards

As you probably know by now, Lytro’s Living Pictures allow for refocusing after you take the shot. Not just that: anybody you share it with may play around and focus on whatever point of interest, if you share the picture as an interactive one.
Check out our LightField Picture of the Week section, if you want to try it yourself!

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