Sep 15

ExifTool 9.70 brings Support for Lytro LFP Files

ExifTool 9.70 brings Support for Lytro LFP Files ExifTool is a popular piece of open-source software which allows users to read, edit and write EXIF metadata from/to images and video. The newest update to version 9.70, released earlier this month, adds support for Lytro RAW files and enables us to read EXIF metadata from Light Field Picture (LFP) files.

Click below to download ExifTool 9.70 directly, or head over to to find the latest version.

  ExifTool 9.70 (3.7 MiB, 18 hits)

Aug 27

Viewpoint Laboratories presents OverDome Light Diffusing “Cloud Dome” for Lytro Illum

Viewpoint Laboratories presents OverDome Light Diffusing "Cloud Dome" for Lytro Illum (picture: Viewpoint Laboratories) Viewpoint Laboratories has recently introduced what we believe to be the first third-party accessory for the Lytro Illum: the new “OverDome Light Diffusing Photography Enclosure” (i.e. cloud dome) for the Illum light field camera allows users to record well-lit, largely shadow-free closeup pictures by scattering light through a translucent, white acrylic hemisphere.

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Aug 20

Infographic: 175 Years of Camera Evolution

Infographic: Modern Photography - the first 175 years (picture: Lytro) 175 years ago, British inventor William Henry Fox Talbot recorded the first ever photograph on paper. To celebrate the subsequent evolution of cameras and photography, Lytro treats us to an infographic overviewing the major development steps of almost two centuries.

The infographic includes paper photography and digital photography, and ends with the most recent advances in digital imaging, e.g. the Gigapixel camera and their own Illum light field camera: Continue reading

Aug 18

Lytro Mobile for Illum: iPhone and iPad App to be Released Tomorrow

Lytro Mobile for Illum: iPhone and iPad App to be Released Tomorrow (picture: Lytro) Up until now, Lytro users looking for the iOS app that would let them connect to their Illum wirelessly could only find a notice promising that the “Lytro Mobile for Illum” would be “coming soon”.
A new Lytro support document now states the exact release date of Lytro Mobile 2: it’s tomorrow, August 19 2014.

Update on 2014-08-19: You can now get the app here:

Lytro Mobile App (AppStore Link) Lytro Mobile App (Free)
Lytro Inc. (Rated:

Lytro Mobile 2.0 is the first major release of an app compatible with both the first-generation Lytro camera and the Lytro Illum. The app allwos viewing and interacting with Living Pictures directly on your iPhone or iPad, including software refocus (single tap), synthetic aperture (two finger twist) and perspective shift (rotate device; 64-bit devices only). Continue reading

Aug 16

FCC releases Lytro Illum Internal Photos and more

Lytro Illum, internal photos (picture: Sporton International, FCC) (9) Lytro’s confidentiality request for the FCC‘s pictures of the Lytro Illum expired yesterday, so the FCC have just published their detailed internal and external photographs of the light field camera and further test setup photos of the preliminary Illum version which was submitted for testing on April 23 2014. (Lytro later re-submitted the shipping Illum version for FCC approval.)
Also newly released is the preliminary user manual for the Illum (link at the end of the article) that was submitted to the FCC, which contained a few asterisks for features that were “not available on the test unit”, namely the Lytro button, AF and AEL buttons, and Continuous Shooting Mode.

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