Apr 15

Lytro: No Android App in 2014, “Deep” into New Flagship Product

Lytro Mobile: iPhone App for WiFi Transfer from Camera, On-The-Go Sharing and more About 10 months ago, Lytro introduced an iOS companion app called “Lytro Mobile” and, at the same time, released a firmware update activating the camera’s internal WiFi chip.
The app makes it possible for iPhone, iPod and iPad users to connect wirelessly to the camera, download and preview Living Pictures, upload them to the “Mobile” album on pictures.lytro.com, and even create nice little GIF-animations demonstrating refocus and Perspective Shift. With newer versions of the app came additional features like Living Filters, AirPlay support and 3D export.
Meanwhile, the Android community has been waiting for the release of an Android app.

Slumbering in the “Feature Requests” section of Lytro’s customer support, there’s a request for an Android app, which has had the official status “Planned” for a while now. Revisiting this discussion, we found some recent responses by Lytro staff, which don’t sound to promising for Android users: Continue reading

Nov 25

Lytro Price Drop in Europe: Light Field Cameras now up to 30 % Cheaper

Lytro Price Drop in Europe: Light Field Cameras now up to 30 % Cheaper Lytro’s first-generation Light Field Camera has been available in Europe for four months now. The camera first launched in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, back in mid-July, and soon after arrived in the UK market. Introductory prices ranged between 479 and 579 EUR (approx. 650 to 875 USD) in the German-speaking regions1, a significant markup of 50 percent.

However, a recent price check on price comparison portals Geizhals, Skinflint and Toppreise has revealed notable price drops in some countries over the last few weeks. Continue reading

Nov 23

Lytro secures 40 Million Dollar Boost for New Light Field Hardware

Lytro secures 40 Million Dollar Boost for New Light Field HardwareWhen Lytro launched publicly in June 2011 and announced working on the first consumer light field camera, they had raised “approx. 50 million dollars” in venture capital1. Now, the company announced another 40 million dollars in capital, coming from new (North Bridge Venture Partners) and existing (e.g. Andreessen Horowitz, New Enterprise Associates and Greylock Partners) investors. Of course that’s great news for Lytro, but what does it mean for us?

Lytro CEO Jason Rosenthal said the money will “help fund a new generation of Lytro hardware”. This will not only result in “thinner, cheaper and lighter consumer products”, but allow the company to also step into the professional photography and motion picture markets: Continue reading

Nov 13

Lytro goes Apple Online Store, introduces two new Camera Colours

There are more big news from Lytro today: The company just announced that three models of the Lytro Light Field Camera are now available for order at the Apple Online Store. More exciting for us is the introduction of two beautiful new colour versions, Cobalt Blue (16 GB, 499.95 USD) and Champagne (8 GB, 399.95 USD).

Cobalt Blue and Champagne - two new Lytro camera colours available exclusively at the Apple Online Store (picture: Lytro)

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Nov 12

Lytro Mobile 1.2 brings Full Screen Mode, Airplay Support and 3D Export

Lytro Mobile App Hand in hand with the update to Lytro Desktop comes Lytro Mobile 1.2, the second update to Lytro’s companion app. Just over a month after the release of version 1.1 of the iPhone app, Lytro adds some interesting new features.

Lytro (AppStore Link) Lytro (Free)
Lytro Inc. (Rated:

From the official changelog:
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