Software: Lytro releases Lytro Desktop 3.0

Just in time for Lytro’s sales launch in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, the company has released a new major version of their proprietary Lytro Desktop Software, which is used to view, edit and interact with their camera’s light field pictures (“Living Pictures”).

Lytro releases Lytro Desktop 3.0 Software (picture: Lytro)

Key features in Lytro Desktop 3.0:

  • Filtered Views: All Pictures, Last Import, Perspective Shift enabled Pictures, Flagged or Rejected pictures
  • Camera View: preview pictures from the camera in the desktop software, import only what you want
  • Better Tools for Editing and Organizing: flagging, rating (1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars), rejecting (internal recycle bin)
  • Improved Albums: pictures can be added to multiple albums, albums can be opened in new windows
  • Multiple Libraries: create multiple libraries, open and work in (and across) several libraries at the same time.
  • Easier Sharing: improved workflow and more options to upload and share pictures on the internet.
  • Export: export flat JPG versions, compressed “LFP Stacks”, as well as RAW LFP files directly from the Desktop Software.

Find out all about Lytro Desktop 3.0 in the official Lytro Knowledgebase: Lytro Desktop 3.0 – for Camera Owners

Be one of the first to get the new Lytro Desktop 3.0: [link updated to local copy, since Lytro went offline].

Full disclosure: We assisted Lytro in building the German documentation for Lytro Desktop 3.0.

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