Adobe: Photoshop will get LightField Editing when the Time is Right

Adobe: Photoshop will get LightField Editing when the Time is Right In a very interesting article about how LightField photography revolutionizes imaging, author Mark Harris sheds light on various companies currently involved with LightField research, and their different approaches at bringing LightField capabilities to the market.
Among the interviewed specialists is Winston Hendrickson, VP of Engineering for Digital Imaging at Adobe Systems. In his description of possibilities through LightField photography, he also names some less-known features of computational imaging:

“Plenoptics is about way more than refocusing images,” says Winston Hendrickson, vice president of engineering for digital imaging at Adobe Systems, in San Jose, Calif.
“In capturing all the spatial and angular information about a scene, you can do things like motion parallax, changing the perspective, and detecting objects: Single-lens stereo becomes easy.” A motion-parallax function would allow the user to achieve a sense of depth by varying the vantage point slightly (this is the reason some birds keep bobbing their heads back and forth).

More interestingly, Hendrickson hints at LightField Editing capabilities for Adobe Photoshop, which seem to be in the works, but not to be released in the near future:

“We will introduce light-field editing in Photoshop when the time is right, but it’s not ready for a broad scale right now.”

Still, the thought of post processing LightField pictures leaves us excited. Back in 2007, Adobe already demoed a Prototype Plenoptic Camera and possible LightField Features for Photoshop.

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