LightField Apps and more: Lytro looking for Android, iOS, Linux and Web App Developers

As far as we know here, Lytro has seen a very successful start into the consumer market, despite limiting use to Mac users (or, at least, people with access to a Mac).
While the Windows version of the Lytro desktop application is a top priority for the company right now, it seems that there are concrete plans to bring the Light Field Fun to more platforms in the next steps:

LightField Apps and more: Lytro looking for Android, iOS, Linux and Web App Developers

On its jobs page, Lytro is now listing open positions for Software Engineers in the fields of Mac & Windows, Linux, Mobile (iOS/Android) and Ruby on Rails (a Web App Framework).

Details from the Job listings sound quite interesting, and give us an idea of where the Lytro software is headed in the near future:

Desktop Application (Mac, Windows):
You will be working at the forefront of computational photography, and will be helping shape how users process, manage, edit, share and interact with the pictures of the future. (2)

Linux – Requirements:

  • Experience with Linux or Android deployment, bring-up, and/or porting: Linux kernel, drivers, etc.
  • Experienced with one or more mobile processors (e.g.) Qualcomm Snapdragon, NVIDIA Tegra, etc.
  • (1)

Mobile Platforms (Android, iOS):
You will be working closely with the design and engineering to architect and build Lytro mobile Apps for iPhone and Android platforms. These Apps will deliver unique sharing capabilities of Lytro’s living pictures, as well as enriching the photographic experience of Lytro camera owners. (3)

Ruby on Rails – Required skills and experiences:

  • Experience building websites with Ruby on Rails (Rails 3)
  • Familiarity working with cloud architectures. (Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Heroku)
  • Fluent in client-side web technologies. HTML5, CSS, Javascript frameworks such as JQuery/Mootools-Experience with web-service APIs.


All in all, it seems like Lytro is pretty interested in creating Lytro Apps for mobile Devices. The “Linux kernel and drivers” part indicates that camera support may also be extended to Linux, once the Windows version is made available. We also like the part about “managing and editing” LightField Pictures in the Mac/Windows job offer!


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