Lytro review: 5 things to know before you buy

Lytro camera showing touch screen (Photo: Lytro) Are you trying to decide whether you should buy a Lytro LightField camera or not? Before you buy, read this list to find out what you can – and can’t – do with a Lytro camera:
This review was made to help those of you that are undecided whether or not you want/need a Lytro camera.
It is organized in 5 sections to mention the most critical issues you might not be completely aware of.

1. Point-and-shoot:

This camera is made for simple shooting without much fuss. (For example: It would be much easier to capture your dog catching a frisbee using a Lytro than a usual camera.)

But since that is pretty much all it can do, you better make sure that’s all you want from your new camera.

2. Limited Editing:

If you want to do some serious editing (add filters for example or change some colours) of a picture, you have to convert it from a living picture (where you can refocus constantly) to a normal JPEG. So what you get in exchange for a limited resolution (1,080×1,080-pixels) is the chance to choose the focus after you made the picture instead of right then.

3. Software:

In order to keep the shooting as easy, intuitive and uncomplicated as possible Lytro tries to make up for that with the software. Unfortunately it’s not perfectly clear when that software will be available for Windows – Lytro promised that time would be in 2012. For now Mac-users have the advantage, however.

4. Wireless:

For a camera that is made to shoot a lot of pictures in a short time, it is vital to easily transfer all those files to your computer – preferably before you have to, because all the internal storage is full.
Since the Lytro has no removable storage you have to connect the camera via USB to your computer.
As we mentioned earlier: The people at Lytro are working on Wireless-connectivity and the hardware is there – So this all might change, but for now you would have to make do with that USB connection.

5. No Video:

Many people love to make videos of absolutely everything. If you are one of them you might want to reconsider a purchase, because Lytro can’t offer you that as well. You would have to tag another camera or use your smartphone for that.

You find the original review by Joshua Goldman on Cnet.

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