Displays: Fundamentals and Applications [Free Ebook]

Displays: Fundamentals and Applications [Free Ebook] The authors of “Displays: Fundamentals and Applications”, Rolf R. Hainich and Oliver Bimber, have recently made their book available online. In chapter nine, they take a comprehensive look at various 3D display technologies including light field displays.
The 599 page long book, which sells for 83 US-Dollars in Hardcover form, can now be downloaded free of charge for non-commercial purposes as a 64 MB PDF at displaysbook.info (under “Materials”).

Our book “Displays: Fundamentals and Applications” is now available free of charge for non-commercial purposes.
You can download the ebook (pdf, 599 pages, 360MB) from http://displaysbook.info (Material). The hardcopy can still be ordered from CRC Press.
If you think that this is of any value to you, please make a donation at www.krebshilfe.de or www.cancer.org.

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  1. juan says:

    Hi I wanted to check the book by going to displaysbook.info. but the site is down, where can I download it?

    • markus says:

      Hi Juan,
      looks like the site has been down for a while. I’d try contacting the author, or buying the print version.

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