Lightfield Iris: New Software to Edit Lytro Pictures [Mac]

Lightfield Iris: New Software to Edit Lytro Pictures [Mac] If you’ve been longing for an easy way to edit your Lytro images, here’s an early Christmas present: Belgian startup company Vertical Horizon has just released Lightfield Iris for Mac, the first (to our knowledge) piece of commercial third-party image manipulation software for Lytro pictures.
[app 775983924]

Lightfield Iris allows users to browse and edit processed images from the Lytro Desktop Image Database, and…

  • adjust image parameters such as brightness, contrast, saturation and luminance.
  • straighten your picture.
  • apply unsharp mask and noise reduction.
  • apply predefined and user-defined colour filters.
  • add text and artwork (depending on the setting, they’re visible in all depth layers or just the selected one).
  • add picture frames.
  • view your pictures with software-refocus (click or slider), perspective shift, all in focus and cross-eye 3D.
  • export animations as a GIF or movie file (H.264 MOV).
  • export to a standalone HTML5-compatible viewer (e.g. for uploading to your own website; see below for an example).
  • upload edited pictures to your lytro album.

The app is currently priced at 19.99 $ in the Mac App Store, and requires Mac OS X 10.9 or higher (64 bit). At this point, no Windows version of Lightfield Iris is planned.
On an interesting side-note, the software is based in part on lfpsplitter.

Lightfield Iris: New Software to Edit Lytro Pictures [Mac] Lightfield Iris: New Software to Edit Lytro Pictures [Mac]

The following samples show the quality of modified and exported images, as well as the functionality of the HTML5 viewer. More samples are available in Verical Horizon’s gallery and their Lytro album.

Colour correction and image straightening
Lightfield Iris: New Software to Edit Lytro Pictures [Mac]

Frame, colour filter an GIF animation
Lightfield Iris: New Software to Edit Lytro Pictures [Mac]

HTML5 export/viewer, image with colour adjustments and added elements at individual depth levels

Official feature list of Lightfield Iris v1.0 (from the Mac App Store)

– Straighten a picture
– Apply any combination of filter(s) to a picture (Sepia, vibrance, bloom, cartoon, shadow & highlights, noir effect, InStant effect ….)
– Save and manage your filter presets

– share a picture to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, with Mail, AirDrop, Messages
– share a picture as Movie, animated GIFs, HTML
– create a new Lytro (.lfp) file and import it in de Lytro Desktop app for further upload or manipulation

– add provided frames including custom frame to a picture
– add text and artwork to a picture to explain the picture or make it more personal

– print a picture to your local print (or export to PDF…)

– always have an “All in Focus” mode available
– use the freaky Cross Eyed 3D view and be amazed how you can trick your mind in seeing 3D ;-)

– better understand your lightfield pictures with the lightfield histogram and selections in Refocus mode
– better understand the perspective shift (parallax) mode by looking at the inspector info

Full press release:


Lightfield Iris easily lets you modify lightfield pictures shot with a Lytro© camera. The brand new software is an expansion of Lytro© Desktop. It allows you to use the same Lytro© features such as refocus, all-in-focus and perspective shift. But it brings more to the table. In addition Lightfield Iris includes easy-to-handle post capture image controls. Creating your own preset filters and applying them is one click away. Also Lightfield Iris features user-friendly image sharing. And last but not least, a printing option is included. Lightfield Iris was created by Vertical Horizon, an independent Belgium based startup company. Now available in the Mac App Store.

Lightfield Iris is the one software you can adjust your 3D pictures manually with by controlling brightness, saturation, contrast, unsharp mask, luminance, noise reduction, exposure, … Create your own preset filters to apply adjustments to your pictures in one click. Lightfield Iris also adds new indispensable features as straighten picture. Refocus and use perspective shift as you are used to with Lytro© Desktop.

Lightfield Iris allows you to be creative with each refocused image. Add different kinds of picture frames. Insert text choosing character, font and color. Be playful with artwork such as arrows, lines, markup balloons,… Choose your type of lay-out and apply it to any image or movie.

Lightfield Iris features user-friendly image sharing for 2D images such as copy to clipboard, sharing with Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and other social media, drag and drop. You can share 3D images with the Lytro© site.

Lightfield Iris also includes exclusive exporting features such as animated GIF and movie. Both GIF as movie use animation through a sequence of refocused images. With both features you can choose to share directly from your Mac, without making a detour to the Lytro © site. This also applies on HTML export. Lightfield Iris supports independent HTML 5 export, maintaining the refocus feature.

With Lightfield Iris we are proud to present easy to handle software that creates unique modifications for lightfield pictures. Lightfield Iris is an expansion of Lytro© software but is in no way connected to Lytro©. Vertical Horizon has a passion for all kinds of technology. We love to combine the power of personal computing with unique visualization methods and interfaces. Vertical Horizon is an independent, Belgium based startup company. Other Vertical Horizon products are Calendar Converter, Concept Clock, Cyou and Myblood-line.

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    Lightfield Iris app is amazing. I’m excited to use it. It seems interesting to apply different unique effects on photos.

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