Lightfield 3D Microscopy: Raytrix Showcases the R5µ

Lightfield 3D Microscopy: Raytrix Showcases the R5µ (picture: Raytrix) German Light field specialist Raytrix has just added another use case of their range of plenoptic cameras for scientific and industrial use: The new Lightfield 3D Microscopy webpage page makes a first mention of the R5μ light field camera setup, which is optimized specifically for microscopy applications.
In the picture, Raytrix’ R5 high-speed video lightfield camera (model number R5-M-E-GE-A260-GS-A) is shown in conjunction with a Solino 0.8x High Resolution Tube for Fixed Magnification (177 mm, C-mount camera interface, Art.No. 045-200162), an objective adapter and a Leica objective lens for 10x magnification.

The same advantages and features that come with light field imaging in ordinary photography, also apply to light field microscopy: software refocus, extended depth of field, single-lens single-shot 3D pictures and video. The R5μ, having no moving optical parts, makes the setup robust and creates video of up to 180 frames per second.

The use case presented by Raytrix is the inspection of a bonding wire on a circuit board:

Lightfield 3D Microscopy: Raytrix Showcases the R5µ (picture: Raytrix)

More information is available on the Raytrix website: Lightfield 3D Microscopy

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