Researchers Develop a Touchable LCD LightField 3D Display

Researchers develop a Touchable LCD LightField 3D Display The recording of LightField data has just recently made a leap into consumer technology, but that’s just one side of the technology. Scientists have also tried to create LightField Displays – that is, displays that don’t just create two-dimensional pictures on a flat surface, but rather send out light rays in all possible the directions and thus create three-dimensional images that change depending on the viewers position.
Now, a team of scientists at Zhejiang University (China) have made a big step forward in creating an interactive LightField 3D Display.

We previously reported on the 360 degree LightField Display developed at the Institute for Creative Technologies. For that display, the inventors used a spinning mirror and super-high-framerate projector.
In a new publication in the Journal of Applied Optics, researchers Yifan Peng and colleagues from the State Key Laboratory of Modern Optical Instrumentation are presenting a method to create touchable LightField 3D displays based on spliced multi-LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays). According to the authors, the new technique can achieve in “touchable floating 3D scenes with correct occlusion, high image resolution, and a large continuous viewing angular range”.

You can find the full publication here: Liquid-crystal-display-based touchable light field three-dimensional display using display-capture mapping calibration

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