Lytro.Net: Easily view and extract .LFP LightField Pictures from your Lytro Camera

Lytro.Windows - easy viewing and exporting of LightField picture stacks We recently showed you how to extract all the available information from .LFP files using Nirmal Patel’s lfptools/lfpsplitter.
If you’re just interested in the compressed JPG stacks that are included in the -stk.lfp files (the files that get uploaded for web viewing), developer Mark Scappini has a more convenient tool for you:

Scappini used lfptools and the supplied information to create Lytro.Net, a .NET based Graphical User Interface which helps Windows Users extract Metadata and the processed JPEGs from Lytro .LFP files.

Lytro.Windows (Lytro File Reader)

Lytro.Windows allows you to quickly open and preview a -stk.lfp file with a Graphical User Interface (GUI).
You can switch between different focal depths and export individual images at full resolution (1080x1080px).


Lytro.Splitter is – as far as we could see – a polished version of the command line tool lfpsplitter. It also allows you to drag&drop one or more files onto it, and automatically exports all the images and metadata back to the folder of the .lfp-file.

The big advantage over lfptools is, that you can download precompiled executables from GitHub.

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