Jul 07

Lightfield 3D Microscopy: Raytrix Showcases the R5µ

Lightfield 3D Microscopy: Raytrix Showcases the R5µ (picture: Raytrix) German Light field specialist Raytrix has just added another use case of their range of plenoptic cameras for scientific and industrial use: The new Lightfield 3D Microscopy webpage page makes a first mention of the R5μ light field camera setup, which is optimized specifically for microscopy applications.
In the picture, Raytrix’ R5 high-speed video lightfield camera (model number R5-M-E-GE-A260-GS-A) is shown in conjunction with a Solino 0.8x High Resolution Tube for Fixed Magnification (177 mm, C-mount camera interface, Art.No. 045-200162), an objective adapter and a Leica objective lens for 10x magnification.

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May 19

Video: Raytrix demonstrates R29 LightField Features

With their newest Youtube-Upload, German LightField specialist Raytrix demos the LightField features of their R29 camera.

The HD video includes original footage recorded with the high-end camera (resized from 3288 x 2192 = 7.2 megapixels; and 100 % crops), and demonstrates the reconstruction of 3D information – even at a subject-to-lens distance of 400 meters – as well as software refocus and extended depth of field.
Video frame rate for full-resolution imaging is 5 frames per second.

Screenshot: 3D reconstruction at long distances, using a Raytrix R29 LightField camera.

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Nov 03

Video Presentation: Raytrix demoes live 3D LightField Video and more

Video Presentation: Raytrix demoes live 3D LightField Video and more Graphics processor- and chipset manufacturer Nvidia regularly hosts an in-house conference titled “GPU Technology Conference” (GTC). The event is primarily targeted at engineers, scientists and journalists. At GTC 2012 Earlier this year, Raytrix co-founder Christian Perwass introduced the company’s LightField cameras, their fields of application and the technology behind the LightField:

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Sep 21

Photokina Preview: Raytrix demoes Live 3D LightField Processing

In a news release that has somehow escaped our notice, German LightField specialist Raytrix announced an exclusive live demonstration at Photokina Preview 2012.

Photokina: Raytrix demoes 3D LightField Live Processing (Photo: PREVIEW online)

The report notes that Dr. Lennart Wietzke (Raytrix co-founder and CEO) and his team presented “the current version of the LightField camera”, and showed off live 3D LightField data processing, as well as software refocus. Continue reading

Sep 10

All in One: Raytrix demoes 3D LightField Time Lapse Video

German LightField solutions manufacturer Raytrix is making our mouths water with a newly published, truly “All in One” video: They show what becomes possible with LightField imaging, demoing a combination of time lapse and 3D video:

The time lapse video shows the development of flowers in fast motion, corresponding depth maps (as a heat map and different depth visualization), and a re-rendered 3D scene from a different perspective.

Raytrix wants to make Full-HD Plenoptic real-time Movies (30fps) possible by the end of the year.