Jul 07

Lightfield 3D Microscopy: Raytrix Showcases the R5µ

Lightfield 3D Microscopy: Raytrix Showcases the R5µ (picture: Raytrix) German Light field specialist Raytrix has just added another use case of their range of plenoptic cameras for scientific and industrial use: The new Lightfield 3D Microscopy webpage page makes a first mention of the R5μ light field camera setup, which is optimized specifically for microscopy applications.
In the picture, Raytrix’ R5 high-speed video lightfield camera (model number R5-M-E-GE-A260-GS-A) is shown in conjunction with a Solino 0.8x High Resolution Tube for Fixed Magnification (177 mm, C-mount camera interface, Art.No. 045-200162), an objective adapter and a Leica objective lens for 10x magnification.

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May 19

Video: Raytrix demonstrates R29 LightField Features

With their newest Youtube-Upload, German LightField specialist Raytrix demos the LightField features of their R29 camera.

The HD video includes original footage recorded with the high-end camera (resized from 3288 x 2192 = 7.2 megapixels; and 100 % crops), and demonstrates the reconstruction of 3D information – even at a subject-to-lens distance of 400 meters – as well as software refocus and extended depth of field.
Video frame rate for full-resolution imaging is 5 frames per second.

Screenshot: 3D reconstruction at long distances, using a Raytrix R29 LightField camera.

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Nov 03

Video Presentation: Raytrix demoes live 3D LightField Video and more

Video Presentation: Raytrix demoes live 3D LightField Video and more Graphics processor- and chipset manufacturer Nvidia regularly hosts an in-house conference titled “GPU Technology Conference” (GTC). The event is primarily targeted at engineers, scientists and journalists. At GTC 2012 Earlier this year, Raytrix co-founder Christian Perwass introduced the company’s LightField cameras, their fields of application and the technology behind the LightField:

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Sep 21

Photokina Preview: Raytrix demoes Live 3D LightField Processing

In a news release that has somehow escaped our notice, German LightField specialist Raytrix announced an exclusive live demonstration at Photokina Preview 2012.

Photokina: Raytrix demoes 3D LightField Live Processing (Photo: PREVIEW online)

The report notes that Dr. Lennart Wietzke (Raytrix co-founder and CEO) and his team presented “the current version of the LightField camera”, and showed off live 3D LightField data processing, as well as software refocus. Continue reading